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Anifor, a Program that offers a Wide Range of Hotel Course Programs

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The hotel course programs offered at Anifor are intended for future spa managers, hotel housekeepers, bar managers or hotel concierges

Porgramme de Cours - Cours de Gouvernante d'hôtel au Centre Anifor du Val d'Anniviers en Suisse

Are you dreaming of working in the most beautiful hotels in the world? Unique in Switzerland, the ANIFOR hotel course programs was designed to train future employees in the hotel and restaurant industry, a booming sector that currently enjoys full employment.

Training to be a hotel concierge

The role of a hotel concierge is very diverse and fascinating. While this job intense in its depth and breadth, it is also incredibly rewarding.

The hotel concierge welcomes and takes care of the guest before, during and after his or her stay. She or he is in permanent contact with all the hotel’s services. The concierge’s main mission is to provide each client with a unique experience, one that is in line with the client’s cultural customs, religion and other preferences.

The concierge is in a way the soul of the grand hotel industry. The concierge is the first person the client meets when they walk through the door of a luxury hotel, and thus as a concierge you have a huge impact on the guest’s first impression of the hotel. It is often said that the reception of the caretaker reflects the image of the establishment.

ANIFOR will provide you an hotel course programs with the knowledge and tools to identify, meet and even exceed customer expectations in all categories of hotels – be it, urban, mountain or secluded resort hotels.

Training to be a hotel housekeeper / floor manager

The housekeeper of a hotel, frequently called Mistress of the house in small establishments or family hotels, is the guarantor of the comfort of the guests. She ensures the cleanliness and overall high-quality condition of her establishment, whatever its size or type.

The housekeeper works in a very demanding, multi-task job that demands an acute sense of responsibility and significant personal investment. It is important to know that although the title of housekeeper is usually given to women, the profession is open to both men and women.

ANIFOR offers you an hotel course programs with extensive practical experience provided by teachers who have previously held the position of General Housekeeper in prestigious hotels. In training for the job with the best, you will become the best.

Anifor - Se former au métier de Chef Concierge a Genève
Porgramme de Cours - Cours Responsable de Spa au Centre Anifor du Val d'Anniviers en Suisse

Training to be spa manager, a profession at the heart of human well-being

For several years, the hotel wellness and Spa sector has been experiencing a real boom. A Spa has become essential in any hotel that wishes to offer each of its guests a few cherished moments of relaxation. This is particularly the case for mountain or seaside hotels. Some hotel groups have even renamed their brands with the termination “Hotels & Spa”, or “Resorts & Spa”.

The wellness sector has evolved so rapidly that hotel owners and managers find it extremely difficult to find qualified people for this position, specialists with both managerial skills and an intimate understanding of the technical knowledge needed for this particular position. Switzerland, which has 48 peaks over 4000 metres high and a multitude of mountain resorts, has a great need for such professionals of well-being and the art of living, especially in the mountains.

ANIFOR offers a very specific hotel course programs, unique in Switzerland, which will provide hoteliers with the Spa Managers of tomorrow.

An hotel course programs to become a chief bartender – bar manager

A lot of Hotel managers will tell you that the success of a Bar is largely due to its Chief Barman/Barmaid. It is this Chief who draws up the menu of drinks and cocktails and contributes greatly to the creation of an atmosphere that is, of course, always adapted to the hotel in which he or she is working.

The Chief Barman/Barmaid leads the team of bartenders. He or she is mainly found behind the counter or in the bar room. As they are responsible for multiple tasks, their duties are varied. In the Bar room or at the counter, he or she is involved with customers in welcoming them and ensuring high quality service and beverages. Before the opening of the bar, they ensure that the fridges and shelves are filled and judiciously manage the stock supply.

This profession is indeed one with many possibilities that is constantly evolving. ANIFOR will prepare you for the position of Chief Barman/Barmaid in a hotel, as well as in a cocktail bar, pub, night club, or coffee bar. If you have the soul of an entrepreneur, ANIFOR will also prepare you to manage your own bar or pub or tea room.

Become trained as a Bar Manager in Switzerland - Programme de Cours - Cours de Gestionnaire de Bar au Centre Anifor du Val d'Anniviers en Suisse

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