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Become trained as a Bar Manager

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The bar

Make your dream comes true, become trained as a bar manager in Switzerland.
There are a multitude of different bars, from city, pub, cocktail bar in a Grand Hotel, coffee bar, nightclub…
The head bartender takes care of the day-to-day management, whether for a boss or for his own account and it is his personality that makes the success of his bar!

In constant contact with customers, he contributes to the creation of an atmosphere adapted to his workplace where he builds customer loyalty through constantly renewed creativity, efficient organization, coaching and training of his team.

Become trained as a Bar Manager in Switzerland - Programme de Cours - Cours de Gestionnaire de Bar au Centre Anifor du Val d'Anniviers en Suisse
Chef barman prepare un cocktail - Anifor Cnetre de Formation Professionnel Valais Suisse

The qualities required to train for the job of Bar Manager

If possible, master another foreign language.

  • Knowledge of bar techniques.
  • Knowledge of drinks, cocktails and spirits.
  • Relational skills.Courtesy, discretion, creativity.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Know how to manage a team.
  • Excellent presentation and physical fitness.
  • Availability, versatility.
  • Ease of language learning.

Range of theorical and pratical courses to be a Bar Manager

  • Bar techniques.
  • Knowledge of beverages.
  • Inventory management and inventories.
  • Human resources, labour legislation.
  • Customer relations: reception, enhancement and loyalty.
  • Communication techniques.
  • Accounting.
  • Sales techniques and negotiation with suppliers.
  • Hygiene – HACCP training.
  • Marketing, E-communication.
  • Professional English.
Chef barman prepare un cocktail - Anifor Cnetre de Formation Professionnel Valais Suisse
Gestionnaire de bar - Notre barista prepare un Art Café - Anifor

Occasionally, active professionals will come to provide a course to complete the theoretical and practical training.
Some examples of interventions:

  • Mixology
  • Barista
  • Best chief bartender in Switzerland
  • The rum

Career prospects at the end of the Bar Manager Course

Although different according to the candidate’s background and the type of institution desired, they will be multiple, both in Switzerland and abroad.

  • Chef Barman/Barmaid
  • Manager of his own bar
  • Responsible for a pub or nightclub
  • Barista
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