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Become trained as a Hotel Concierge

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The concierge service of a large hotel

Traditionally, a hotel’s Concierge team is composed of a Chief concierge, an Assistant Chief concierge, concierges, Assistant concierges, night concierges, grooms, bellboys and doormen.

The Concierge’s place of work is strategically located near the main entrance. The concierge is dressed in the traditional costume (tuxedo or frock coat). Concierge services are available 24 hours a day in luxury or high capacity hotels.

The concierge does everything possible to ensure that the guests’ stay is perfect and unforgettable. He or she is in permanent contact with the hotel’s internal services (reception, restaurants, spa…) and external services (airlines, entertainment agencies, limousines…).

The qualities required to be trained as a concierge

  • Notable general knowledge
  • An excellent memory
  • Exceptional methods of communication
  • Acute attention to detail
  • A discreet nature and ability to handle information in complete confidentiality
  • Extraordinary organization skills
  • A generous affect and joy in helping others
  • Good English competency
  • Knowledge, if possible, of another foreign language
Se former au métier de Chef Concierge à l'Ecole Hôteliere de Genève en Suisse
Anifor- decouvrez le metier de Concierge d'hotel de luxe

Range of theoretical and practical courses to become hotel concierge

  • Concierge techniques (theory & practice)
  • Knowledge of Luxury merchandise
  • Tourism and wine geography
  • Communication techniques
  • International culinary culture
  • Guest relations
  • Human resources
  • French correspondence
  • Professional English

On a regular basis, a “Clefs d’Or” Key Concierge from a hotel in Switzerland will come to provide a course that will be incorporated into the theoretical and practical training.

Below are some examples of the topics taught :

  • The history of the Clefs d’Or
  • How to select your service providers
  • Concierge software
  • Concierge services in mountain resorts

Career prospects upon culmination of hotel concierge

Although the career prospects will differ according to the candidate’s background and the type of institution they desire to be in, graduates of this training program will have multiple options, in Switzerland and beyond to become a:

  • Concierge junior
  • Concierge Assistant
  • Night Concierge
  • Head of luggage porters
Anifor - Se former au métier de Chef Concierge a Genève

Are you already working in a Hotel and would like to further develop your career? Would you like to acquire expertise that would allow you to take on other positions? Have you recently completed your baccalaureate/maturité and want to specialize in the unique profession of the hotel industry? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then the Anifor Hotel and Catering Training Center is for you.

We have the faculty members and resources to prepare you to be the Concierge of a luxury hotel, a Housekeeper in a chalet or even the Spa Manager in the Wellness center of a 5 star chalet mountain resort.

Perspectives in the career developpement of the participants

A diploma testifying the completion of the studies is currently under a certification process. We expect our highly motivated graduates, to succeed and distinguish themselves in their specific field, in Switzerland and all over the world. The Hotel Management School Geneva and ANIFOR maintain strong links with the Swiss region of The Valais, numerous Swiss hoteliers and major hospitality chains – such connections are priceless. We believe that the ANIFOR training is invaluable in that it enables our graduates to quickly find a field that excites them, allowing them to cultivate expertise in their own niche domain.

What steps should I take to apply for admission to ANIFOR for the next school year?

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