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Become Trained as a Hotel Spa Manager

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The profession of Spa manager – An up and coming Career

Over the past fifteen years, a new role has emerged in the hospitality industry : Hotel Spa Manager.

The Hotel Spa Manager is the person in charge of the Spa in a hotel, a resort or hotel residence. She or he is the “boss” of the Spa. The Spa Manager is responsible for the profitability of the Spa, customer satisfaction and the quality of the treatments provided.

To fulfil the Spa Manager’s responsibilities, he or she leads a team of varying size depending on the size of the centre. The team is made up of Spa practitioners (therapists) and sometimes a beautician.

The Spa Manager does everything possible to ensure that the clients spend a moment of pure relaxation and leave their treatment centre soothed and replenished.

The qualities required to be trained as a Spa Manager

          • Knowledge of wellness techniques
          • Knowledge of dietetics
          • An acute sense of aesthetics
          • An innate ability to listen to others
          • Excellent organization skills
          • Managerial skills
          • A generous affect and joy in helping others
          • Availability, flexibility
          • Excellent English competency
Anifor, Centre de formation professionnel hotelier suisse dans le canton valais Spa Manager d'Hotel
Anifor, Centre de formation professionnel hotelier suisse dans le canton du valais Le métier de Spa manager 490x440 final 2

Range of theoretical and practical courses to become Hotel Spa Manager

  • Aesthetic techniques
  • Massage techniques
  • Communication techniques
  • Human Resources
  • Guest relations
  • Accounting, Financial management
  • Sales techniques
  • Marketing, Merchandising, E-communication
  • Professional English competency

The training courses are enhanced by contributions from professionals from the Spa industry

Some examples of interventions:

  • Slimming cures
  • Polynesian massages
  • Aromatherapy
  • Merchandising within a resort
  • Spa Management software
  • Presentations of renowned brands in the industry

Career prospects upon culmination of Spa Manager

Although the career prospects will differ according to the candidate’s background and the type of institution they desire to be in, graduates of this training program will have multiple options, in Switzerland and beyond:

  • Spa Manager in a seaside resort
  • Spa Manager in a mountain resort
  • Spa Assistant in a major hotel complex
Anifor, Centre de formation professionnel hotelier suisse dans le canton du valais Le métier de responsable spa

Professional development of training participants

We want our future graduates to be passionate, successful and among the best in their respective fields, in Switzerland and around the world.
The Hotel Management School of Geneva and Anifor maintain very close links with the Valaisan and Swiss hotel industry and also with the biggest names in the hotel sector internationally.

What steps should I take to apply for admission to ANIFOR for the next school year?

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