EHG Traiteur - Faites appel à un Chef de Cuisine à domicile à Genève - Call on a Chef at Home in Geneva


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EHG Traiteur - Faites appel à un Chef de Cuisine à domicile à Genève - Call on a Chef at Home in Geneva

The services of a chef at home practising in Geneva will be of great help in preparing a meal for your special event in the city of Calvin. In order to avoid disappointments, it is essential to choose your service provider carefully and to choose only experienced professionals.

How to choose a Chef at home in Geneva ?

Geneva being one of the most important places of gastronomy in Switzerland, it will not be difficult to find professionals in the field of event cooking. Many caterers and catering specialists now offer the services of a chef de cuisine at home in Geneva and its region.

Where it will be more difficult is to select the one that will meet your needs, whether it is in terms of meal organization, menu choice, quality of service or budget calculation.

To make it easier for you, it is recommended to select all providers who are close to the reception area and compare the services they offer and the prices offered. It is also advisable to rely on the experience of the chefs for your final choice.

If your time is limited, consult the opinions of customers posted on the Internet, in order to give you an opinion on their services and know-how.

A chef at home to make your event the one your guests will remember

EHG Traiteur Genève is able to organise an unforgettable event for you, leaving you to fully play your role as host. Your accommodation or offices are not suitable, the rental of reception rooms is included in EHG Traiteur’s offer.

EHG Traiteur will delight your guests with different formulas: meals, buffet, starred chef at home, cocktail.

Professionals or individuals, EHG Traiteur’s services are aimed at you for the organisation of cocktails, product launches, company parties, seminars, it gives you the guarantee of a premium quality service.

EHG Traiteur - Faites appel à un Chef de Cuisine à domicile à Genève - Call on a Chef at Home in Geneva
Hotel Diploma program at Hotel Management School Geneva EHG Traiteur - Faites appel à un Chef de Cuisine à domicile à Genève - Call on a Chef at Home in Geneva

The advantages for having a chef at home in Geneva

Do you have special guests and want everything to be perfect down to the last detail?
Are you lacking inspiration for the menu?
Isn’t cooking your strong suit?
Your guests are likely to arrive any minute and you are afraid that you will not be ready on time?

By using the services of a chef at home in Geneva, you can be sure that you will receive your guests in complete serenity.
Not only will the meal have nothing to envy that of a gourmet restaurant, but you can also keep your guests company for as long as you like, while ensuring that they have a pleasant time, without having to commute between the kitchen and the living room.

Bringing a chef from the Hotel Management School Geneva to your home is also the opportunity to choose from several menus, and even to personalize the menu according to your guests’ preferences: Jérôme who doesn’t like chicory, Anne who is allergic to seafood or Stéphane who has decided to come with her children.

Surprise your guests with new dishes

The EHG Traiteur team always brings a personal touch to surprise guests. The meal will be composed of culinary creations with varied and original tastes and colours for the pleasure of the taste buds and eyes.

Whatever the formula chosen, our ingenuity allows us to present the dishes in a new way.

On the other hand, at your request, we can cook organic dishes prepared with carefully selected ingredients or dishes that highlight local specialities.

In order to provide you with individualized services, we put at your disposal our passion and our know-how to the height of your expectations.

Companies or individuals, EHG Traiteur offers you high quality services, in particular the organisation of various events such as quality receptions, seminars, lunches and cocktails, dinners, for all types of receptions, professional or private.

EHG Traiteur Genève , le service traiteur pour société a genève
Organiser un Evenement pour votre société avec EHG Traiteur Genève

EHG Traiteur, the solution to have a Chef at home in Geneva

EHG Traiteur is at your disposal to guarantee the success of your events. For a birthday, a family celebration or a simple evening with friends, a cocktail, a lunch or a dinner, we will be happy to send you a chef at home in Geneva to meet your wishes and those of your guests.

For this formula, all you have to do is choose the menu, and we will take care of everything, from buying the ingredients to preparing in your kitchen, right up to serving the table. At the end of the reception, your kitchen will be clean and tidy.

With EHG Traiteur, be sure to awaken your guests’ taste buds with exquisite dishes and reinvented Grand Chefs recipes.

EHG Traiteur, a caterer at the service of your event in Geneva

EHG Traiteur, a catering service based in Geneva, offers you its expertise and know-how to prepare original, refined dishes with a neat and attractive presentation.
Because we taste above all with the eyes, we are particularly attentive to the aesthetics of the plate.

In addition to being visually beautiful and pleasant to look at, our meals are healthy and delicious, made with fresh and natural ingredients.
Wherever your event is held, rely on our attentive service and the professionalism of our team: we take care of everything for you.

Since its creation, EHG Traiteur has always created the difference by establishing itself as one of the most innovative catering services for companies in Geneva or in one of the neighbouring municipalities such as Cologny, Lancy, Chêne-Bougeries, Vernier, Veyrier, Le Grand-Saconnex, Pregny-Chambésy, Carouge for receptions.

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