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EHG Traiteur Genève, Service traiteur Haut de gamme a Genève

The services of a luxury Geneva caterer are a great alternative for the meal of your next corporate reception or family celebration in the capital. EHG Traiteur has been in the catering business for 10 years and offers top-of-the-range services in the Geneva area.

Why choose a luxury caterer from Geneva?

The know-how of a luxury Geneva caterer is essential if you want to impress your guests on the one hand, and ensure the success of your Geneva celebration on the other. Indeed, whether it is a family celebration (wedding, engagement, baptism, birthday, etc.), or a corporate event, in addition to the quality of the setting and the comfort of the guests, the meal is the element not to be neglected.

It must be perfect both in terms of the composition of the menu and the quality and originality of the dishes and dishes, but also in terms of service.

And since Geneva is considered one of the world’s capitals of luxury hotels with all these hotels, if you have foreign guests, it is an opportunity to prove to them that it deserves its reputation.

By calling on this gastronomic professional, you will serve your guests a gourmet meal that meets their expectations and the expectations of your event, and will keep an excellent memory of your celebration.

Geneva’s luxury caterers: for a unique culinary culture

Geneva’s luxury caterers favour top-of-the-range gastronomy and, as a corollary, rare products and elaborate cuisine. Thus, by working in the high-end market, they highlight the originality of sophisticated dishes and the taste of luxury.

While they often leave aside popular gastronomy, these restaurateurs know how to exploit the potential of the terroirs and traditional cuisine.

To better understand luxury gastronomy, it is important to distinguish it from popular cuisine.

Luxury gastronomy, whose main adepts are the top-of-the-range Geneva caterers, is structured by particular principles characterized for example by valued products (expensive ingredients, rare condiments, etc.), combinations of flavours, standards of working techniques (choice of cooking equipment, hygiene, etc.), the preparation of dishes or the decoration of the table and reception room.

Popular gastronomy does not consider – or very rarely – discoveries and research in the culinary arts.

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Discover EHG Traiteur, luxury caterer in Geneva

Are you looking for a luxury caterer in Geneva? EHG Traiteur, established in Geneva since 2009, invites you to discover its top-of-the-range services for a private or professional event.

By investing in luxury gastronomy, we favour certain culinary principles (those of high-end cuisine) over others. In this way, we are in a way training the guardians of a unique culinary heritage, that of gastronomy, in partnership with the Chefs of the Ecole Hotelière de Genève.

If you do not have time to look for a suitable space, EHG Traiteur can offer you the rental of reception rooms of different types. For all your private events at home (weddings, engagement, birthday, baptism, communion…), contact EHG Traiteur.

A luxury catering service at the service of your event

Our luxury catering service in Geneva allows you to choose the formula adapted to your needs: meals, buffet, banquet, cocktail. Our team of professionals will make your event an unforgettable experience, so you can free yourself from all the constraints of organizing your event.

Companies, the services of EHG Traiteur are made for you for the organization of cocktails, conferences, training… company parties, product launches, and the preparation and delivery of business meals it develops a response tailored to the circumstances..

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