You are looking for one of the best catering services in Geneva. Take advantage of the best caterer know-how to make your Event a Success

Recognized among the best catering services in Geneva

One of the best caterer for the success of your event

Recognized among the best catering services in Geneva, EHG Traiteur brings all its experience anad creativity to make your event a total success in terms of friendliness and gastronomy.

Our desire to differentiate ourselves is reflected in the quality and originality of our cuisine and the professionalism of our various services. Gourmet or new recipes, a touch of audacity and imagination, that’s what we offer to delight your guests while offering a high quality service tailored to your needs

Recognized by its customers as one of the best caterer in geneva

EHG Traiteur, a creative event caterer from the Geneva region, organizes cocktails everywhere: indoors, outdoors, in tents, on boats. Since its creation, EHG Traiteur has been able to position itself among the best caterers in Geneva and its neighbouring municipalities such as Carouge, Cologny, Lancy, Le Grand Saconnex, Pregny Chambésy, Vernier, Veyrier and Chêne Bougeries.

EHG Traiteur - Meilleur traiteur de Genève - Benjamin Guyer Chef
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A decade at the service of excellence

Founded in 2009, EHG Traiteur is driven by excellence, passion and creativity with a human and eco-responsible vision. Combining gastronomy and modernity while offering original menus and concepts, EHG Traiteur Geneva creates the difference for your high-end receptions.

Based in Geneva and working in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, at home or in the place of your choice, EHG Traiteur the catering service of the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève is your ideal partner for all your events.

Whether it is for private use for an exceptional moment with a garden party, a baptism, a wedding, a cocktail, a birthday, a banquet, EHG Traiteur Genève will fulfill all your desires

Our philosophy

Fulfilling your needs is our priority. The realization of your wishes is our motivation. Your wildest desires lead us every day to surpass ourselves and cultivate our imagination.

Constantly in search of new products and constantly evolving, everything is done without any compromise to obtain the perfect combination of flavours and atmospheres.

Are you looking for a Caterer for Wedding in Geneva ? Experienced caterer EHG Traiteur Genève is specialised to organize marriage in Geneva.
A success for your event in Geneva Catering services in Geneva - Passer un Bachelor apres l'Ecole Hôtelière de Geneve EHG Traiteur Genève - Meilleur Service traiteur de Genève - Canapés salés

A company on a human scale

We are a company on a human scale with strong values essentially oriented towards your desires by privileging quality over quantity in a sustainable and eco-responsible approach. Every day, we give the best of ourselves to guarantee the success of the events entrusted to us.

Whether they are private or professional with a seminar, a gala dinner, a holiday evening, a walking dinner, a team building, a staff party, EHG Traiteur will meet all your requirements

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Jenny Champod - Event Manager - Restaurant Vieux Bois in GenevaJenny Champod
Event Manager
EHG Traiteur
Avenue de la Paix 12 – 1202 Genève
Tél: +41 22 919 24 19

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Why should you consider hiring one of the best caterer in Geneva?

At the most basic level, catering is all about food. No matter how beautifully the place is decorated or how carefully the cutlery is arranged, customers will not come back if the food is awful. You also need enough experience in the kitchen to be able to substitute recipes, plan menus and prepare, reheat and safely transport large quantities of food.

The best traiteur in Geneve

Caterers work with clients to design a menu. You need to be courteous, tactful and diplomatic, as you may have to persuade a customer to replace an ingredient or change a dish. Good communication and interpersonal skills are also essential in building a client base and ensuring the success of the event. A satisfied customer is the best recommendation, and word-of-mouth remains one of the most effective forms of advertising.

The essence of planning an event revolves around food. You need to know what the right dishes are and how to prepare them. Serving dishes and cleaning up after the event are other aspects of organizing an event. To reduce stress and also to organize a successful event, you need to call in professionals. There are good reasons why you should use a catering service for your event.


First of all, by using a catering service in Geneva, you will not be stressed. Since they will devote all their time and effort to it, you will be able to free your mind and time to do something else that is not very stressful. They will put a lot of time and effort into making sure everything runs smoothly, both before and after the event.

Recipes may need to be adapted to accommodate food allergies, and cooking methods may need to be modified to meet religious dietary requirements or personal preferences. An imaginative and adaptable person will be able to triumph in these situations and inspire confidence in the process.

A caterer can also take care of some of the decorations, table layout and food presentation. Setting up, running and cleaning the dining room are all the job of a caterer. This is where you can impress your client and all his guests – who are all potential customers themselves. It’s why EHG traiteur is recognised like «  A Best Caterer in Town ».


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