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Which caterer to choose for the organization of a buffet in Geneva ?

Catering service for a reception In Geneva EHG Traiteur Genève , le service traiteur pour votre cocktail dejeunatoire a Genève

The organization of a buffet is a very delicate operation considering the stakes. It is best to use a professional conservator to handle it. If you are in the canton of Geneva, EHG Traiteur is a caterer that has been offering professionals and private individuals top-of-the-range services in this field for more than ten years.

The advantages of using a caterer to organize your buffet

The use of a caterer is the simplest and most advantageous solution to ensure the success of any festive meal. Whether it’s for a family event or a corporate event, you’ll probably have a lot to do in terms of general planning and logistics, among other things.

Entrusting the organization of the buffet to a professional will relieve you of the tedious task of preparation and service. This catering specialist can also be a valuable help in designing the menu for your meal.

By choosing a versatile caterer, you can also let him or her arrange and decorate the buffet where you will have your meal.
EHG Traiteur organizes gastronomic buffets for all types of events.

EHG Traiteur is an expert in the organization of a buffet, family events or corporate events and receptions

Whether you wish to serve a hot or cold meal, or both to your guests, we offer you the opportunity to choose the formula that best suits your needs.

The cold buffet offers more freedom to the guests, because everyone will find dishes in accordance with their taste and desires. In addition, this formula offers guests the opportunity to meet and communicate with each other when they travel to help themselves. On the other hand, a buffet with a hot dish is ideal in a more personal setting for a wedding anniversary, inauguration, anniversary, or even a business lunch after a convention or company seminar.

Thanks to our experience and the dynamism of our team, we can ensure you an impeccable organization for your buffet. We leave you the choice of the composition of the menu and the type of animation to propose to the guests (souvenir photo, etc.).

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Successfully organize a buffet for a reception or a cocktail that meets your expectations

EHG Traiteur offers to be your guide and adviser in the preparation of the reception. Indeed, we can guide you in the search and choice of the location of the reception and the decoration of the room.

In addition, you can choose a theme for the organization of your buffet. Our cuisine will be adapted to this theme and your budget, but we will make sure that the meal is presented in an original way to impress your guests.

So, do not hesitate to use our services if you wish to organize a festive reception during a family or professional event. In addition to the buffet, we can also provide other types of services: sit-down meals, cocktail dinners, etc.

In order to provide you with tailor-made support, we put at your disposal our passion and our talents to meet your requirements.

EHG Traiteur’s high quality services can be adjusted according to your wishes for the organisation of all kinds of events, including lunches or cocktails, dinners, quality receptions, whatever the type of event, corporate or private.

Recognized by its customers as one of the best catering services in Geneva

EHG Traiteur, a creative event caterer from the Geneva region, organizes cocktails everywhere: indoors, outdoors, in tents, on boats.

Founded in 2009, EHG Traiteur is driven by excellence, passion and creativity with a human and eco-responsible vision. Combining gastronomy and modernity while offering original menus and concepts, EHG Traiteur creates the difference for your high-end receptions. EHG Traiteur has positioned itself as one of the best caterers in Geneva and its neighbouring municipalities such as Carouge, Cologny, Lancy, Le Grand-Saconnex, Pregny Chambésy, Vernier, Veyrier and Chêne-Bougeries.

Based in Geneva and working in the cantons of Vaud and Geneva, at home or in the place of your choice, EHG caterer the catering service of the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève is your ideal partner for all your events.

Whether it is for private use for an exceptional moment with a garden party, a baptism, a wedding, a cocktail, a birthday, a banquet, EHG caterer will fulfill all your desires.

You are looking for a top-of-the-range catering service for the organization of a buffet in Geneva.
Much more than just a signature, this quote dictates the way and passion with which we approach all our events in Geneva. Our objective: to provide the best possible service in both the taste and visual experience.

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