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You need a reception room in Geneva to host your next event?

Find a reception room in Geneva adapted to your desires

A prestigious catering service for your Geneva celebration

If you need to find a reception room in Geneva for your next event in the canton of Geneva, the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève offers you magnificent rooms in an enchanting setting, and also makes available the talents of its chefs and pastry chefs to prepare your festive meals.

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How to choose your reception room in Geneva?

The choice of the reception room in Geneva in which you will welcome your guests or participants to your corporate event must be based on several elements. First of all, you will have to consider the size of the room according to the number of people who will come to honour you with their presence.

Then, it is necessary to take into account the functionality of the premises (the proximity of the car park, the presence and quality of the sanitary facilities, the ease of installation according to your needs, etc.). The setting should not be overlooked for the comfort of your guests’ eyes, a room with a beautiful view of the outside will be of the most beautiful effect.

Finally, to avoid the constraints and various concerns that logistics could pose, it is recommended to opt for a proposed room with all the furniture and various equipment you will need on site: decoration, sound system, projection equipment, lights, etc..

A renowned reception hall in Geneva for all your events

For a wedding, engagement, birthday, baptism, company celebration, we welcome you to our reception rooms in Geneva, nestled in the middle of a magnificent green setting.

The charm of the space, the capacity of the reception, but above all the quality of the services provided are all elements to be taken into account to guarantee the success of the event.

So, whatever the urgency, a reception room is not something to be chosen lightly. Feel free to come and see us so that together we can discuss your project. Our long experience in the organization of events allows us to offer you an original concept that meets your expectations..

EHG Traiteur Genève , le service traiteur pour votre cocktail party a Genève
Organiser un Evenement pour votre société avec EHG Traiteur Genève

A beautiful reception room in Geneva with complete services

Do not hesitate to suggest your ideas for decorating the reception room in Geneva, and do not omit any details: colours, desired atmosphere, floral arrangements, etc.

Of course, the meal is essential! Cocktail, buffet or complete meal… Choose the formula that suits you, our catering service will bring your desires to life. To delight all taste buds, we accompany you in the composition of a unique menu based on recipes inspired by the creations of the great dishes of gastronomy. From the aperitif to the cheese platter, not to mention the pastries, the cake, the cake or the chocolates, our chefs, who are those of the Hotel School and pastry chefs, will meet your expectations.

Finally, we provide all the necessary equipment, both for the meal (tables, chairs, crockery, etc.) and for decoration. Our objective: to free you from all worries (logistics, organizational) while guaranteeing you a top-of-the-range service that will allow you to fully enjoy the party and have more time to interact with your guests.

A top of the range gourmet catering service for your event

Private individuals, EHG Traiteur travels to the places of your choice for your special events (wedding, engagement, birthday, baptism, communion…). EHG Traiteur Genève allows you to choose the formula that suits you best: cocktail, buffet, meal,…

Our team of professionals promises you an exceptional reception, so you can devote 100% of your time to your guests. Your accommodation or offices are not suitable, EHG Traiteur offers you a choice of original reception rooms.

EHG Traiteur’s services are aimed at companies for the organisation of conferences, training… company parties, product launches, cocktails.

Whatever your event and wherever it is held in Geneva, rely on our top-of-the-range, attentive and professional service: we take care of everything for you and always guarantee you balanced rates.

EHG Traiteur, Service traiteur de luxe a Genève - Dessert

For a major event, you need a perfect reception room

Major events can be stressful to organize. That is why EHG Traiteur offers you its experience and services to ensure the smooth running of your reception. Whether it is a dinner for about twenty people or a large reception for more than five hundred guests, we are there for you with the right staff.

The use of local products reflects the attitude of the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève towards the concerns of society. They are fair and certified from the countries of origin. Their difference can be seen when preparing the dishes according to your customs and preferences.

All the products offered by the caterer are without exception fresh, seasonal and primarily local.

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Pauline Louis, EHG Ttraiteur à Genève, un sourire au service de votre évenement

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