EHG Traiteur a Genève, Récepiton de bapteme a Genève

A Catering Service for your Christening Reception in Geneva

Enjoy your christening reception, EHG Traiteur is taking care of your event

Baptism is a unique tradition for parents and family to celebrate the arrival of these little loved ones. By entrusting EHG Traiteur with your baptismal reception, you are sure to enjoy this great moment of tenderness.

EHG Traiteur Genève - Service Traiteur pour le baptême de votre enfant à Genève

A catering service for your baptismal reception

Since its creation, EHG Traiteur has always made a difference by establishing itself as one of the most innovative catering services in Geneva or in one of the neighbouring municipalities such as Chêne-Bougeries, Cologny, Carouge, Le Grand-Saconnex, Pregny-Chambésy, Lancy, Vernier, Veyrier.

We offer you several menu choices according to your tastes to celebrate this happy moment with your family. To top it all off, our pastry chef can also make you a personalized baptismal cake.
There is nothing better than a little sweet touch to please children and adults alike.

L’excellence de notre traiteur au service de votre réception de baptême à Genève

The baptismal reception is one of the important moments, which is why such an event must be organized in the best conditions in order to create a perfect unity. Each element is important and especially the catering service.

Whether it is on our magnificent Hotel Management School country site (where the little ones can have fun) or at any other place you choose, in Geneva or its region, you can be sure that your baptism reception will be a success.

It must be said that cooking for a large group can be stressful and requires a lot of time and preparation. By entrusting the care of your reception to EHG Traiteur, it will be a pleasure for us to coordinate the smallest details with you.

Traiteur pour votre réception de baptême à Genève
Traiteur pour votre réception de baptême enfant à Genève

These small details that make a baptism an unforgettable moment

Start the reception with an aperitif that will allow your guests to get together for a drink while waiting for the meal. Choose a theme as the main theme for your baptism.

  • Use this theme to announce them,
  • The decoration of the table
  • The decoration of the room
  • For the menu
  • For thank you cards..
  • The decoration of the room and the table is very important, do not neglect it! A well crafted decoration will make your reception very pleasant and warm.
  • For dessert, think of the mounted piece, the traditional baptismal dessert.
  • Don’t forget the guest book which will allow your guests to express themselves on the moment they have just shared with you.
  • Think of the music that makes the atmosphere more friendly in all circumstances.

Entrust EHG Traiteur to organize your christening reception

By using our catering services for your baptismal reception in Geneva, we will put all our talents at the service of your reception so that it is unique.

EHG Traiteur, the catering service of the Hotel Management School of Geneva offers you a maximum of solutions to satisfy all your desires, to serve you a gourmet and exceptional meal. Make your choices in our sample menus.

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