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An High End Caterer in Geneva



A gastronomic and a Top quality catering service

EHG Traiteur Geneva is the exclusive catering service of the Hotel Management School Geneva, which has been active in the organisation of events for more than 10 years.

Organizing a reception from A to Z is not always easy and can be a real headache for many people. That is why EHG Traiteur is the ideal host for all your receptions.

In addition to offering you a varied menu that can easily be adapted to the nature of your event, we offer you a complete and reassuring planning service. Explore the thousand and one facets of gastronomy by discovering EHG Traiteur Genève, a gastronomic catering service in Geneva, synonymous with refinement, elegance, creativity and know-how…

In the kitchen, our Chefs bring all their experience and creativity to make your event a total success in terms of conviviality and gastronomy. Our desire to differentiate ourselves is reflected in the quality and originality of our cuisine and the professionalism of our various services.

EHG Traiteur Geneva, the experience at the service of your event

Our team of professionals will assist you in the complete organization of your business lunch, gala dinner, cocktail parties, wedding anniversary, baptism or wedding.

Since its creation, our catering service has distinguished itself by its gastronomic, innovative and creative cuisine, and thus positioned itself among the most renowned caterers in Geneva and its neighbouring municipalities.

At your disposal, we will offer you a personalized approach and a tailor-made know-how in order to meet your expectations as closely as possible.

We select our best students for your event, supervised by their trainers, they will provide you with an exceptional service, whose motto “Excellence in the service of a profession” is verified every day!

EHG Traiteur, le traiteur genevois au service de votre evenement



EHG traiteur a Genève



Our Chef and his team attach particular importance to the respect of the authentic flavours of the selected products. The watchwords of EHG Traiteur Geneva.

Exclusivity, creativity, authenticity

In addition to enjoying the new creations of our chefs and serving you in the best possible way, we will assist you in all aspects: the location, decoration, flowers, service providers….

Accompanied by a team of great professionals, you will benefit from all our know-how and experience to make your party an unforgettable experience.

At your disposal, we will offer you a personalized approach and a tailor-made know-how to meet your needs as closely as possible and make your parties and events a success.

EHG Traiteur geneva, enjoy a service as in the restaurant

Since its creation, our catering service has distinguished itself by its innovative cuisine, and thus positioned itself among the best caterers in Geneva and its neighbouring municipalities such as Carouge, Pregny Chambésy, Vernier and Veyrier, Chêne Bougeries, Cologny, Lancy, Le Grand Saconnex,

Our team of professionals, trainers within the EHG, will assist you in the complete organization of your reception, wedding, business breakfast, business lunch, business dinner, Gala dinner, banquet, birthday, baptism, meeting, end of year evening, cocktails and company evening.

The EHG Traiteur travels to your home, to Geneva and throughout the Lake Geneva region, we take care of everything! You will enjoy a service as in the restaurant, in an intimate and warm atmosphere.

A Caterer in Geneva
Cocktail Traiteur avec votre Service Traiteur à Genève, EHG Traiteur Genève



EHG Traiteur, a prestigious caterer in Geneva with a team at the service of your event

We will meet your requirements and provide you with attentive service. EHG Traiteur is operational every day of the week. Our catering service responds to your requests from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

Check out our gastronomic menu for an amazing culinary experience, rich in colours and flavours!

Take advantage of our expertise in the art of the table, our extensive experience in service and the preparation of high quality dishes, you will be able to offer your guests a great time.

Much more than just a signature, this quote dictates the way and passion with which we approach all our events and functions

Our objective: to deliver the best possible tasting experience in both the gustatory and visual experience.

In short, EHG Traiteur is a leader in the catering world in Geneva and its region.

Let us be your partner in the art of hosting and bringing you an exceptional gourmet adventure.

Whether you are organizing a business meeting or bringing family and friends together for a special occasion, you can trust EHG Traiteur Genève to take care of every detail and desire.

EHG traiteur Geneve, Déguster nos verrines au chocolat



EHG Traiteur, your catering service in Geneva | Informations

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EHG Traiteur
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Tél: +41 22 919 24 19

Take advantage of our catering services

Few days are as important or symbolic as your wedding day. It’s the day when you and the most important person in your life vow to love and cherish one another for the rest of your lives. It’s a day that will be forever immortalized in memories, pictures, videos, and the vows you maintain.

To pull off the perfect wedding day, you need to plan some things ahead of schedule. This includes wedding catering.After all, you should feed your guests well to celebrate this important day with you. But how do you find the best wedding caterer?

One of the most referenced event caterers in the canton of Geneva, EHG TRAITEUR can organise a unique event in your image.

Having built our reputation on our traditions, we also owe our renown to our ability to innovate. Future brides and grooms who call upon our know-how have the advantage of making their aspirations a reality. We leave no detail out (budget, tasting, decoration, logistics) so that everything corresponds perfectly to your expectations.

When choosing an event caterer in Geneva there are many things to consider, but choosing a caterer based relatively close to your event could be an aspect of event planning you may have overlooked.

Managing or hosting an event comes with many responsibilities. Organising the food to be served at the event is a big responsibility. You may not have a large kitchen or the necessary cutlery and crockery for the number of people attending your event in Geneva.

There are catering companies that take care of all aspects of food preparation and clean-up. Some can provide plates and glasses, as well as other items you may need to make the event a success.

By using a professional, you will have time to organise other aspects of your event.

Choosing locally is more convenient. Having a company close by allows for an easier and faster set-up time. This gives you more time to focus on the other aspects of your event or wedding.

Your local professional caterer has everything you need to make your event run as smoothly as you imagined, including local staff who are familiar with the area.

The catering directors of your town, know the best locally grown, fresh produce and locally sourced meats to create the top quality flavor you expect from your event.

As you know, the meal is one of the key elements that ensure the success of an event. To satisfy your guests, everything must be perfect, whether it is the quantity of the buffet, the freshness of the products, the menu or the taste of the dishes. A caterer will be able to offer you a refined and suitable cuisine depending on the number of guests and the theme of the feast.

The services of a caterer like EHG Traiteur allow you to quickly choose the necessary dishes to satisfy the taste and the need of each guest. With a caterer, you are in control of your orders. EHG Traiteur offer a wide range of dishes, so it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you. Whether it is a classic or traditional cuisine, the caterer will satisfy you.

Corporate events are a great way to draw attention to your company, giving employees a reason to get out of the office for something exciting and allowing industry colleagues to connect with your company.

Naturally, most corporate events include catering, and the catering company you hire can have a huge impact on the success of your event. With quality food, guests will remember your event for years to come, and outsiders will be interested in working with your company.

A quality corporate catering service can be hard to find

If you find a catering company that you like, you can consider an ongoing relationship. Many corporate catering services are willing to sign permanent contracts, guaranteeing their services for a set number of future events. An ongoing relationship between you and your caterer can be a great asset to your business, ensuring that guests receive excellent catering at all your company’s events.

Make the Right Impression

When an event is catered, it leaves a lasting impression among your guests, making them feel well taken care of. This also conveys your appreciation for them, whether it’s a corporate event, gala dinner, cocktail, or something else. The professionalism and attention to detail that you get with a reputable caterer is something that will shine through and be remembered by your attendees long afterwards.

But how do you choose a caterer for a corporate event? You want your corporate event to be as memorable as possible, and having some great catering will help guests remember your event for years to come. If you’re looking for the perfect corporate event company in Geneva, consider EHG Traiteur. Our event team offers a variety of catering options, including buffet style dining, family style dining, and delectable hors d’oeuvres that your corporate event guests will love. Contact EHG Traiteur today for more info on booking and availability.


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