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Organize a private party in Geneva


Preparing and organizing a private party from A to Z

Organizing a private party is not always easy and can be a real headache for many. That’s why EHG Traiteur is the ideal host for all your receptions.

In addition to offering you a varied menu that can easily be adapted to the nature of your event, cocktail catering, birhtday party, baptims, wedding,…. We offer a complete and reassuring planning service. To ensure that nothing is left to chance, our event manager will discuss with you and advise you on your menu choice and other requirements.

Whether it’s for a birth or wedding anniversary, a retirement party, a mourning reception, a baptism, an end-of-year party, a ball, a family event or an event with friends, need to call upon a chef at home, our experienced and top-of-the-line catering service will guide you through the process.

Subtle refinement or elegant simplicity… whether you opt for table service or the presence of a chef at the event, EHG Traiteur Genève promises you an unforgettable reception.

Our clients living in the city of Calvin and in the Canton of Geneva appreciate our attention to detail, our sense of organization, our reliability, our efficient service and, of course, our tasty dishes.

Parties and events in GenevaEHG Traiteur, un service traiteur haute de gamme au servicce de votre événement
Celebrate your Wedding Anniversary in Geneva at Restaurant Vieux Bois Genève

Simplify the organization to get the most out of your event

You select your preferred service package and we take care of your guests! Make your choices from our sample menus or create your own.

EHG Traiteur in Geneva will be happy to assist you in finding the right venue for your event (BFM, Domaine de Choully, Espace Hippomène, Ariana Museum). Our entire team is at your side to choose the tables, chairs, decorations, crockery and cutlery as well as the service items you need to make your event an exceptional moment in your image.

We coordinate with our selected partners to ensure that your event is set up on time.

Organize your parties and events in Geneva


Congratulations! We are delighted to be part of your big day. Your personal style and taste will be reflected in the menu we will have developed with you..

Whether you opt for a casual or “formal” style, you have countless options and we are here to help you choose.

We will discuss your rental and staffing needs and then take care of everything so you can focus on what’s most important: your dress and your guests.

Cocktail catering

Your guests are your priority, enjoy your evening with them. Let us surprise them with generous buffets, creative cocktails and original canapés. Your guests won’t want to leave! Intimate or larger cocktails, we will leave nothing to chance and will adapt to the theme you have chosen and the atmosphere you wish to create.

EHG Traiteur, un traiteur à genève au service de votre banquet
Reception d’inauguration à Genève | Signé EHG - Traiteur

Organizing a private reception to celebrate an important event

With years of experience in the restaurant business, culinary expertise and event coordination skills, our team of seasoned chefs and event planners is ready to offer delicious and inspiring cuisine to satisfy your guests.

Not only are we able to provide you with delicious food and catering services, but we have also partnered with beautiful local venues, making planning much easier.

Experience our catering service for your private reception and let us take care of the stress of organizing your event. Celebrating an important event – a 50th anniversary, baby shower, baptism, graduation or wedding anniversary – is the perfect occasion to plan a great party.

Treat yourself to a reception or offer our services as a gift to a loved one. Choose from our sample menus or create your own. Your celebration will be remembered for years to come.

Organize a Private event in Geneva | Information

Quentin Lindt - Event Manager - Restaurant Vieux Bois et EHG TraiteurQuentin Lindt
Event Manager
Restaurant Vieux-Bois
Avenue de la Paix 12 – CH 1202 Geneva
Tel : +41 22 9192421

Compared to other events, there may be fewer attendees at a private party. But that doesn’t mean that it is easier to organize. Planning a private party must be very meticulous so that your guests can have a pleasant and intimate experience.

Here are a few tips on how to plan a successful private party:

The objective or goal can be anything. It could be organizing a party for your friend John’s 40th birthday, or coordinating an elegant cocktail party to create networking opportunities for your associates.

Whatever your objective or goal, taking a few moments to fully understand the type of event you’re organizing and what you hope to get out of it will help you through all the next steps.

Determining your objective or goal for a private event fits in perfectly with choosing a theme. Choosing a theme for your event, whether it is very conceptual (a Fiesta-themed birthday party!) or fairly simple (a dress for a successful business networking brunch), will help you determine your space requirements.

For example, the Libre Mexican Cantina might be perfect for the Fiesta-themed birthday party, but your business networking brunch might be more effective in Bottiglia.

Now that you have an idea of your objective and the theme of the event, start thinking about the logistics: how many people you want to invite, what dates are possible and what kind of services you might need.

This will help you find potential spaces, and will help you feel ready when you start looking at the venues, as these are some of the first questions you will be asked!

Now that you have a plan, it’s time to look around. Each of the establishments in the Signé EHG has a page on our website with information on how to contact potential private events or group meals.

Consulting the site will allow you to explain your needs and desires to the person in charge of private events, and you can discuss the logistics of the event, including available dates, capacity, etc. By consulting the venue and working out the details, you can begin to plan ahead.

Now that you have chosen the event location, you can begin to plan seriously.

This is the most fun part:

  • Building your guest list,
  • Ordering and sending out invitation,
  • Thinking about the decor,
  • Thinking about menu options
  • Thinking about cocktail catering
  • Other details.

Make a list of everything you’ll need to do to start organizing and prioritizing your tasks in the most efficient way possible.

When planning an event, there are often vital dates that play a role in the planning process.

Early in the planning process, you will want to establish a calendar of key dates and what is required or “due” on each of them (e.g., the date your final staffing is due at the event location; the date you have indicated for RSVPs on your invitations, etc.)

You may think you will remember some things, but don’t leave it to chance. Make a calendar, and consult it often throughout the planning process!

You don’t have to do all the planning yourself: it will only stress you out and make you feel overwhelmed. If people offer to participate in the planning process, take advantage of their time and energy! Of course, you need to choose your planning partners wisely: choose people you feel comfortable working with and who you feel will be able to take responsibility without falling apart.

Delegate tasks according to the strengths or interests of the different people.

For example, a super-organized friend or associate might be an ideal person to manage the guest list and responses to inquiries; someone who is an artist will probably like to be in charge of decorations and party favours. Creating clear definitions for everyone involved in the planning makes it easier for all parties: you, the guests and the party venue.

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