Votre repas de fêtes de fin d'année au restaurant l'Auberge Chambesy Genève

Originality for the corporate christmas party

Le Trinquet

The company’s Christmas party, a moment of sharing between employees

Winter is slowly settling in with its shorter and colder days but also its warm and festive traditions that are the corporate christmas party.

The last few weeks of the year are also often intensive, and organizing a company end of year party can become an insurmountable challenge for management.

Your Christmas cocktail party, much more than a simple meal

Morgan Hertoux and his team accompanies you for the end of the year celebrations!

November, December, the end of the year celebrations, the period of the wishes in January are as many occasions to meet for a meal of company, association or simply between friends.

Share a moment of conviviality and good humor around a good table!

Discover, for this end of year 2022, our new menu proposals signed by the Chefs of the Hotel Management School Geneva.

Our restaurant, Le Trinquet, has a capacity of 110 covers in total, as well as a terrace which can accept 80 guests.

The ideal place for your company’s end-of-year party

The restaurant Le Trinquet ” Signé Ecole Hôtelière de Genève ” is ideally located in Geneva, in the Acacias district, 5 minutes from the Praille shopping center and its stadium.

A restaurant with a warm atmosphere

The restaurant is bright, with comfortable seating and plenty of natural light. The professional and friendly staff knows its customers well and offers quality supervision to the students.

Your guests are your priority, enjoy your evening with them.
Let us surprise them with creative cocktails, original canapés, festive menus that are out of the ordinary.

In order to make this year-end party a success, you must always keep in mind these few points:

  • Determine the best time to gather your employees
  • Choose the best restaurant for your end of year event
  • Opt for a cocktail party or a sit-down meal

Your guests will not want to leave!

Whether it’s a private holiday party or a company meal to celebrate the end of the year, we leave nothing to chance.

Organiser un soirée de fin d'année d'entreprise à Genève
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A team of professionals at the service of your end-of-year party

The choice of the restaurant is essential for a successful party. All guests expect a moment of sharing and relaxation orchestrated around a quality meal.

The success of an end-of-year corporate meal depends of course on the quality of the food served, but also on the planning of a host of details that are an integral part of the evening’s proceedings.

In order for your scenario to be perfect, Morgan Hertoux, Director of Le Trinquet and his team offer you their expertise in event organization.

Excellence at the service of your year-end meal

Whatever your event, you can rely on our high quality, attentive service and the professionalism of our teams.
We take care of everything for you and always guarantee you balanced prices.

Consult our proposals to make your choice or create your own menu.
Call us to find out how we can efficiently assist you in the organization and realization of a simple yet refined event.

  • Breakfast:
    • Open from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Lunch:
    • Open from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday
  • Good to know :
    • Flowered and shaded terrace
    • Nearby shopping center of La Praille

Where to organize a corporate christmas party  | Information

morgan hertoux - restarurant le trinquet les Acacias GenèveMorgan Hertoux
Restaurant Le Trinquet
Route des Acacias 43
1227 Carouge

Tél : +41 22 308 47 80

How to create an unforgettable Christmas party?

The holiday season is full of end of year parties, so it’s smart to send out invitations three weeks in advance. The earlier you send out your invitations, the less likely it is that your guests have registered for another event.

Your invitations should include the start and end time of the party and mention the type of food you’ll be serving, whether it’s a light party dish or a traditional sit-down dinner.

And don’t forget to include directions!

The sweetness of sugar
Nothing brings children to mind like sweets. From red and white striped table decorations to sugar cane trees, working families will have an experience they won’t forget. Table decorations can be made entirely of candy, or you can opt for a softer atmosphere with candy-scented candles.

Vintage look vacation
You could opt for the wild 20s or a retro 50s theme. Reach for bold, bright reds to add a touch of pub atmosphere, or choose pastel colors to enhance the 50s look. Decorate the tables with candles in canning jars and even cigarette boxes for sweets. Tempt their taste buds with hot sauces, cheese spreads and unlimited martinis. Make sure your employees are dressed for the occasion and do a dance appropriate for the time.

Awards Night
Roll out the red carpet and stars for a Christmas party to recognize employee achievements. Decorate with large, glittery stars, black table linens and folding chalkboards. You may even want to set up a photo booth to create a true Hollywood feel. Guests should not only dress fancy and indulge in wine, but also enjoy small bites, sandwiches and a chocolate fountain. End the evening with an awards ceremony that recognizes the hard work of your employees. Maybe they’ll even give an acceptance speech or two.

What is the purpose of christmas party ?

That is the  first question you should answer, as soon as it’s fixed you will know how to plan it.
A Christmas party is the perfect way to thank your employees for their work during the year. It can also double as an awards evening if your workplace gives out annual recognition. It’s the perfect opportunity to publicly recognise the hard work your team has put in over the last 12 months.

A Christmas party is a reward for a year of hard work and support. Recognition from your team for hosting a party goes beyond the event itself and contributes to company morale for months to come! Who doesn’t love having a Christmas party?

Give your guests the opportunity to take creative and fun photos with something other than their cell phones. Rent a photo booth from a local vendor or set one up yourself by mounting your camera on a tripod and turning on the flash.
Rather than taking photos against a bare wall, purchase an extra vacation patterned tablecloth to hang as a backdrop and add a few fun accessories to spark extra joy and fun.

Everyone loves to play games, especially during corporate christmas party,so consider incorporating a game or two into your party plans. Set up classic board and card games on coffee tables and side tables for attendees to play throughout the evening.


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