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Le Trinquet
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The restaurant Le Trinquet welcomes your guests in a warm and friendly place

The restaurant Le Trinquet ” Signé Ecole Hôtelière de Genève ” is ideally located to receive your guests for a business meal in Carouge, located in the Acacias district, 5 minutes from the Praille shopping center and its stadium.

A restaurant in Carouge with a welcoming atmosphere

The restaurant is bright, with comfortable seating and plenty of natural light. The professional and friendly team in the dining room knows its customers well and offers quality supervision to learners.

For your business lunch on the terrace, Le Trinquet restaurant welcomes you in the heart of a quiet and green patio

With two beautiful terraces in the summer, Le Trinquet restaurant goes green when the weather is nice. Located in a very lively area, the two terraces of Le Trinquet will be your haven of peace and relaxation.

A catering service for your business lunch meeting in Carouge

Chef Yannick Coignet of the Hotel Management School of Geneva is at the helm of this friendly address, the menus are created with imagination and taking into account the seasons, transforming nostalgic flavors into something entirely new.

We use high quality ingredients, from trusted local suppliers (GRTA) and prepared with unique cooking methods.

For your business events, early morning meetings, business breakfasts, business lunches, fine dining, a company holiday meal or corporate event, Le Trinquet restaurant is the perfect venue.

We believe that attention to the smallest details makes the big difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Whatever your needs, we strive to meet them with expertise, dedication and hospitality in everything we do.

Le Chef Yannick Coignet - Restaurant Le Trinquet a Genève

How to make your business meal in a restaurant a success?

The business meal or the business lunch is ideal to promote professional exchanges. For this meal to be successful, it must be organized according to the rules of the art, otherwise the interlocutor will be offended…

Organizing a business meal makes it easier to get in touch with the person you are talking to. In a convivial setting, this meal is conducive to discussions and negotiations with a client, an investor, an associate or a future partner. It can be called an “appetizer” that can lead to the signing of a contract.

Although it does not always have a solemn aspect, it has its share of importance. It should not be neglected in view of the issues at stake and the objective you are aiming for. It is about defining objectives based on a common interest. All this in a pleasant and relaxed setting such as that of the restaurant Le Trinquet.

Reconciling conviviality and business requires a certain sense of control. This balance is the result of a fine meal in adequacy with the interlocutor. Depending on the personality or the culture of your interlocutor, you must make sure to respect his values throughout the meal and not to make any mistakes.

This meal should be a privileged moment of exchange and sharing. Be careful not to overdo it, lest your guest take it as an aggression and get defensive.

Make sure that your guest arrives with full knowledge of the facts by clarifying your intentions before the meal.

In negotiation, the most important thing is to make them feel that the idea came from them, at least in part. They need to feel that they are getting the best deal (just the feeling, of course), in addition to the fact that they are gaining something. They will feel empowered and will be all the more satisfied.

Choose an appropriate time, depending on the nature of the topic. If you feel that the meal is relatively short, or if your guest tells you that he or she has little time during the day, why not opt for breakfast?

It goes without saying that you should arrive at the meeting place on time, or even early, so that you can greet your guest. Remind them of the day before the appointment and ask them to confirm it. It would be a shame if they forgot…

You can make a few suggestions, but don’t hesitate to let your guest set the tone in the choice of dishes. On your side, don’t automatically opt for the cheapest dishes, you’ll look like a business miser.

Also, be careful with the most expensive dishes, which could be interpreted as you not being careful with your expenses.
As is the tradition of a successful business meal, accompanying the meal with a good wine is generally well received. However, be sure to stay focused on the main purpose of the meal and not let this part of the tradition overwhelm you…

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morgan hertoux - restarurant le trinquet les Acacias GenèveMorgan Hertoux
Le Trinquet
Route des Acacias 43
1227 Carouge

Tel : +41 22 308 47 80

  • Breakfast :
    • Open from 9 a.m to 11:30 a.m Monday to Friday
  • Lunch :
    • Open from noon to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday
  • Good to know :
    • TPG bus stop
    • Flowered and shaded terrace


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