Organiser un événement professionnel à Genève

Where to organize a professional event in Geneva?

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Restaurant or Catering Service, find the right partner to organize your professional event in Geneva.

Deciding to hold a professional event in Geneva is not a trivial matter. It requires a financial and human investment and conveys the brand image of your company. The stakes are therefore high.

To make a success of your professional event, it is therefore imperative to define your target and your objective, to do it well in advance, to respect a retroplanning, to communicate a maximum to create traffic and to exploit all the data collected the same day.

Above all, you must surround yourself with professionals to manage the logistics of your event, this will allow you to concentrate on your priority: your employees, your customers, etc.

Meilleur restaurant de geneve près place des nations avec terrasse


  • Maximum capacity 200 pers.
  • Terrace
Meilleur traiteur de Geneve - EHG Traiteur


  • Up to 500 pers.
  • Geneva and its surroundings

The restaurant Vieux-Bois, the ideal place to organize a professional event in Geneva

High-level seminars, board meetings, product launches, the Restaurant Vieux-Bois is your ideal choice: a magnificent setting, attentive service and tailor-made offers.

With its spectacular Salon Töpffer, a listed building, and its large terrace with a breathtaking view of Ariana Park, the Restaurant Vieux-Bois takes the utmost care of each and every customer.

An event manager at your service

To assist you every second of the project, you will have a professional Event Manager as your contact who knows the Hotel Management School of Geneva and its application restaurant Vieux-Bois down to the last detail and will know how to make the most of the unique potential of the place.

Reception d’inauguration à Genève | Signé EHG - Traiteur
You need to plan a product launch in Geneva - Organiser un lancement de produit a Genève

EHG Traiteur, your partner for professional events in Geneva and its surroundings

It is no coincidence that large companies and international organisations have chosen EHG Traiteur. The professionalism of the teams combined with the flavour of the dishes are unanimously acclaimed. Our catering service dedicated to companies in the canton of Geneva takes care of the catering part of your event by offering you a tailor-made service according to the circumstances.

So if you are looking for a corporate caterer in Geneva, look no further. EHG Traiteur Genève puts its expertise and know-how at your service to make these moments, privileged moments that will perfectly respect your constraints and requirements.

In addition, EHG Traiteur Genève provides you with an event manager who is attentive and responsive to your needs, who will give you advice and provide you with a personalised estimate in line with your requirements.

To give you the assurance of personalised event services, we offer you the benefit of our commitment and our talents in order to meet your requirements.

Where to organize a professional event in Geneva | Informations

Jenny Champod
Event Manager
Restaurant Vieux-Bois
Avenue de la Paix 12
CH – 1202 Geneva
Tel: +41 22 919 24 21

Jenny Champod
Event Manager
EHG Traiteur
Avenue de la Paix 12
CH – 1202 Geneva
Tel: +41 22 919 24 19

4 tips for organizing an event in Geneva

The choice of caterer or restaurant is crucial to the success of the event. Above all, the reputation of the service provider must be taken into account: know-how, experience, quality of service, etc.

By opting for a top-of-the-range restaurant or catering service in Geneva that has already proven itself to a demanding clientele, you can be sure that the organisation of the day will live up to your expectations. Our staff can help you find the right reception hall and advise you in the choice of the different service providers. His team can also take care of the decoration so that everything is in harmony with your style or the theme you have chosen.

For your professional event in Geneva, trust Signé EHG for your event.

At your request, we can impress your guests with culinary shows or remain discreet while remaining responsive to the needs of each guest.

By calling on our catering services for your business event, we will put all our talents at the service of your event to make it unique.

To fix it, study events in your area on the same target to avoid interaction.

Prefer Tuesdays and Thursdays and avoid school holidays and periods of high activity in your target profession or sector of activity.

  1. Clearly define its target and objectives. The event must be integrated into the overall communication strategy.
    • Define what your goal is:
      • Do I need to seduce new prospects ?
      • Launch a new offer on the market? ?
      • Do I need to build customer loyalty ?
  2. Choose the most suitable means for your objective and target.
    • There are many types of events: seminar, business breakfast, conference, vernissage, exhibition, lounge, evening, VIP event.
  3. Establish a communication plan
    • In order for your “target” to attend the event, you must inform him/her.
    • If the target is small and precise, it is best to send an invitation to all contacts (Email, ‘cardboard’ for VIPs…). Don’t hesitate to call back after sending. The criteria for success are the base to which you will send the invitation and the graphic design and catchphrase you will have chosen.
  4. Choosing the right place
    • You can hold your event on your own premises, in a seminar room, in an unusual location, in a place steeped in history…
      • The choice will be made according to the message you wish to convey, the image you wish to convey (high-end, modern, ecological,…) and the tone you want to give to your event.
      • With its catering concept, Signé EHG meets your requirements in every way possible.
  • Take care of the signage, the reception (badges, welcome coffee), the animation, respect the planned agenda as much as possible, and leave a trace for the visitors (goodies, documentation,…).
  • Prepare an evaluation questionnaire and encourage participants to fill it in. Don’t neglect those who are absent, but send them the presentations or contact them directly.
  • Think about networking, all your guests are there, it’s time to take advantage of it.

Make the most of your event by measuring the number of attendees compared to your objective, recontact all participants and follow up on short-term projects if any.

If you have new contacts, enter them in your customer base and if you can, register this event in the continuity (create cycles, other types of events on the same theme or on complementary solutions, a newsletter for this community,…).


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