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Where to organize a gala dinner in Geneva?

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Restaurant or Catering Service, find the right partner to organize a gala dinner in Geneva

Organized periodically or included in a larger gathering, seminar or symposium, it is a true ceremony with speeches and top-of-the-line entertainment, the gala dinner usually marks an important event.

A gala evening is a very special event. It has an official and prestigious character and must show the company at its best. It can be a company anniversary, the launch of a new product or service, an inauguration, the conquest of new markets or partnerships, celebrating an important date or success… There are many reasons to organize a gala evening.

It is also an opportunity to convey an image of excellence by bringing together your employees, partners, customers and prospects in an exceptional atmosphere.

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Maximum capacity 200 pers.


EHG Traiteur, un traiteur à genève au service de votre banquet


Up to 500 pers.

Geneva and its surroundings

Organize a gala dinner in Geneva to make it an unforgettable moment

It is always a real honour for the restaurant Vieux-Bois‘ teams to accompany you in the organisation of a gala dinner.

From the aperitif, through the dishes, we guarantee you an unforgettable moment with a gala evening whose guests in evening dress will never forget the exceptional atmosphere.

Innovation and anticipation of your requests are the key words of our chefs to guarantee you an exceptional event and ceremony.

They constantly adopt different working techniques in order to fine-tune the preparation and management of the banquet without neglecting its festive aspect. Great importance is given to the finishing touches as well as the presentation of the dishes, without ever neglecting the taste!

EHG Traiteur, nos étudiants au service de votre événement traiteur pour société
EHG Traiteur, organisez vos soirées de fin d'année à Genève

EHG Traiteur, a team of professionals at the service of your gala dinner in Geneva

The choice of caterer is essential for a successful party. All the guests expect a moment of sharing and relaxation orchestrated around a buffet, a cocktail or a quality meal.

The success of your event depends of course on the quality of the food that will be served, but also on the planning of a host of details that are an integral part of the day’s or evening’s proceedings. In order to ensure that your scenario is perfect in every way, EHG Traiteur offers you the expertise of its Event Manager.

For your themed evening, we put the small dishes in the big ones to offer you tasty and original gastronomic menus. Through a high quality cuisine and a real concern for presentation, we ensure the organization of your gala evening the success you expect and to fill the eyes and taste buds of your guests.


Quentin Lindt - Event Manager - Restaurant Vieux Bois et EHG TraiteurQuentin Lindt
Event Manager
Restaurant Vieux-Bois
Avenue de la Paix 12 – CH 1202 Geneva
Tel : +41 22 9192421

7 tips for a successful organisation of a gala dinner in Geneva

Choose a caterer or a top-of-the-range restaurant recognized for its know-how.
The choice of the caterer or restaurant is essential to ensure the success of your gala dinner in Geneva. Above all, the reputation of the service provider must be taken into account: know-how, experience, quality of service, etc.

By opting for a top-of-the-range restaurant or catering service in Geneva that has already proven itself to a demanding clientele, you can be sure that the organisation of the day will live up to your expectations. Our staff can help you find the right reception hall and advise you in the choice of the different service providers. His team can also take care of the decoration so that everything is in harmony with your style or the theme you have chosen.

You’ll need to plan invitations for your gala evening. These are one of the first things guests will see in connection with the event you are organizing. Use an online invitation management solution to facilitate this organizational challenge. This solution will allow you to personalize your invitations and manage your various guest lists. As a true communication element, your invitations must be attractive and explicit about the date, place, time, theme and stages of the evening.

For your gala dinner in Geneva, trust Signé EHG.
At your request, we can impress your guests with culinary shows or remain discreet while remaining responsive to the needs of each guest. By calling on our catering services for your gala dinner, we will put all our talents at the service of your event to make it unique.

In order to make a perfect evening, it has to be original. Several themes can be chosen, so it is necessary to study the problem well to organize a festive and memorable gala dinner. The chosen theme will animate the evening which will be personalized around your company, this concept, or this positioning that you will have chosen, it is also the case for all the catering, music and animations that you will choose.
The themes can arouse all sorts of emotions in your guests who can then be nostalgic, enthusiastic, proud, etc… in a pleasant atmosphere..

Entertainment and entertainment are memories that some participants may have of your evening, so don’t make that choice carelessly. Think carefully about the categories of participants expected, the objectives of the evening, and choose entertainment and entertainment in harmony with these considerations.

There are many options for entertainment and entertainment: live performances, auctions, raffles, etc., but their objective should always be to provide a memorable experience for the participants.

Since its creation, EHG Traiteur à Genève has positioned itself among the best caterers in Geneva and its neighbouring communes such as Carouge, Cologny, Lancy, Le Grand-Saconnex, Pregny-Chambésy, Vernier, Veyrier and Chêne-Bougeries.

An intimate dinner in a castle, the launch of a new car in a garage, organising a gala dinner in Geneva in an exceptional location, the presentation of a luxury product at the BFM, seminars at the Espace Hippomène, the VIP terraces of Paléo . EHG Traiteur will listen to you, satisfy you and surprise you!


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