You need to plan an inauguration in Geneva? Restaurant Vieux Bois & EHG Traiteur are your partners to plan your opening reception in Geneva

A catering service for your opening reception in Geneva

Make the most of your guests, EHG Traiteur accompanies you to your opening reception.

Opening reception in Geneva : EHG Catering at your service

Holding the opening reception in Geneva will allow you to better focus on the event. For more than ten years, EHG Traiteur has been offering companies, professionals and individuals in the Geneva area tailor-made catering services for their professional or family celebrations.
EHG Traiteur has been in the catering business for 10 years and offers top-of-the-range services in the Geneva area.

Whether you have planned a cocktail party or buffet (classic, lunch, dinner or themed) or a sit-down meal for the inauguration of your premises, your house or any other achievement in the canton of Geneva, it is essential to take particular care in its organisation.

You must bear in mind that your reputation or the image of your company is at stake. Indeed, if a successful reception will remain engraved in the memories of the guests for a long time, a failed party will be just as engraved. Finding a good person in charge of the meal is therefore essential. It is also the best option to avoid food quality concerns that could cause health problems for your guests.

Given the number of caterers to contact for an inauguration in Geneva, it will certainly not be easy to find the one who can provide you with the services you need according to your expectations..

How to choose your caterer for your opening reception in Geneva?

Choosing the caterers for your inauguration in Geneva may become a tedious task if you don’t know how to go about it.

It is advisable to start by identifying your needs, i.e. what type of reception you are planning (cocktail, cocktail dinner, buffet, breakfast, lunch or dinner) and what you wish to serve to your guests.

Then look for service providers whose services and menus might be suitable. Be sure to select several so that you can compare offers and ask each one for a quote to see roughly what it will cost you.

However, it is recommended that you focus on quality rather than price. Finally, choose a caterer that is either close to your home or close to where the reception will take place.

Préparer une Réception d'inauguration a Genève
Préparer une Réception d'inauguration a Genève

EHG Traiteur, the best caterer for your opening reception in Geneva

EHG Traiteur is the catering service for your opening reception that will make your event memorable. We provide you with a competent and experienced team.

It consists of excellent cooks to prepare the menu, smiling maîtres d’hôtel to welcome your guests, and qualified staff for the service. Depending on the program of the inauguration, our team is ready at all times for a perfect timing of the event.

For example, after the various speeches, they make sure that each guest receives a drink for a toast, or they make sure that the service is done on time.

In short, EHG Traiteur, the catering service of the Hotel Management School of Geneva, puts its talent as an inauguration caterer at your service, and wants to be a partner in the success of all your events in Geneva.

Professionals or private individuals, you can confidently turn to EHG Traiteur for the setting up of all types of events: dinners, lunches and cocktails, quality receptions, as well as all types of events, professional or private.

EHG Traiteur will know how to make your inauguration reception an unforgettable moment.

Since it was founded in 2009, EHG Traiteur has always set itself apart as one of the most innovative caterers in Geneva or in neighbouring towns such as Chêne-Bougeries, Pregny-Chambésy, Le Grand-Saconnex, Carouge, Lancy, Vernier, Veyrier and Cologny..

Organiser un buffet avec le servcie traiteur EHG Traiteur Genève

EHG Traiteur a catering service for an inauguration reception in Geneva | Information

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What are the steps to remember for a successful event in Geneva?

First of all, you have to decide on the date and time of the event and if you think that any date and time will do very well, beware! You will have to make sure that your event does not coincide with another major event that takes place on the same day and that has the same target clientele as your own..

An inauguration gives the opportunity to communicate on several axes which are interrelated: values, dynamism and corporate image. This combination makes it possible to unite employees, customers and distributors around the renewal.

The inauguration speech remains the high point that everyone is waiting for. To hit the nail on the head and get the key messages across without losing the audience, avoid a speech that is too full. Opt for conciseness with a message that can be summarized in 3 or 4 precise key ideas. It is better to have a short, dynamic and attention-grabbing speech, rather than a long speech that will lose all effectiveness… Not to mention that it will leave a very bad image of the speech…!

Use this inauguration to communicate in a more emotional way. Your guests will remember the messages better. To do this, dare to go beyond traditional and formal inaugurations: make your inauguration an unforgettable moment.

Don’t hesitate to combine creativity and originality, all tailor-made for your company. By proposing a programme that is both original and faithful to the values and image of the company, you will ensure a high-impact event.

Make a final evaluation.

At the end of the day, you will surely be curious about the impact of your inauguration on your business. It is therefore important to make an assessment, measure the marketing impact and effectiveness of your event. Was the investment worth it?

If your official opening has been well prepared and coordinated, the impact should be positive.

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