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Where to plan a private event in Geneva ?

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Restaurant or catering service, find the best partner to organize your private event in Geneva

Are you looking for the perfect provider to organize all or part of a private event or a private reception? Whatever the event to honor, we put our know-how and our network of partners to save you time so that you can fully enjoy your day with your guests.

Meilleur restaurant de geneve près place des nations avec terrasse


  • Maximum capacity 200 pers.
  • Terrace
Meilleur traiteur de Geneve - EHG Traiteur


  • Up to 500 pers.
  • Geneva and its surroundings

The restaurant Vieux-Bois , the ideal place to organize a private reception in Geneva

Wedding, birthday, baptism, communion, etc. …., the restaurant Vieux-Bois is your natural choice: a legendary setting, a service tailored to your needs, individual and daily offers. Without forgetting a prestigious destination.

With its spectacular Salon Töpffer, classified as a historical monument, and its large terrace with a breathtaking view of Ariana Park, every guest receives the most attentive care right up to the last glass of champagne and beyond.

An event manager at your service

In order to assist you every second of the project, you will have a professional Event Manager as your contact who knows the Hotel Management School of Geneva and its Vieux-Bois application restaurant inside out and who will know how to put the unique potential of the place to your advantage.

Organiser un événement privé à Genève
Bouquet de fleurs cérémonie de mariage a Genève, EHG Traiteur 490x490

EHG Traiteur, your partner to organize a private party in Geneva and its surroundings

Organizing a private party is not always easy and can be a real headache for some people. That’s why EHG Traiteur is the ideal organiser for all your receptions.

Whether it’s for a birthday or wedding anniversary, a retirement party, a mourning reception, a baptism, an end-of-year party, a ball, a family event or an event with friends, our experienced and top-of-the-range catering service will guide you through the process.

Subtle refinement or elegant simplicity… whether you opt for a table service or the presence of a chef on site, EHG Traiteur Genève promises you an unforgettable reception.

Our clients living in the city of Calvin and in the Canton of Geneva appreciate our attention to detail, our sense of organization, our reliability, our efficient service and, of course, our tasty dishes.

Where to organize a private reception in Geneva | Informations

Jenny Champod
Event Manager
Restaurant Vieux-Bois
Avenue de la Paix 12
CH – 1202 Geneva
Tel: +41 22 919 24 21

Jenny Champod
Event Manager
EHG Traiteur
Avenue de la Paix 12
CH – 1202 Geneva
Tel: +41 22 919 24 19

4 tips for organizing a private event

The choice of caterer or restaurant is crucial to the success of the event. Above all, the reputation of the service provider must be taken into account: know-how, experience, quality of service, etc.

By opting for a top-of-the-range restaurant or catering service in Geneva that has already proven itself to a demanding clientele, you can be sure that the organisation of the day will live up to your expectations. Our staff can help you find the right reception hall and advise you in the choice of the different service providers. His team can also take care of the decor and scenography so that everything is in harmony with your style or the theme you have chosen.

And most importantly, this restaurateur must be able to offer you original recipes inspired by the creations of the great names in the culinary arts, but also classic preparations adapted to your tastes and desires.

For your private event in Geneva, trust Signé EHG for a mastered set of services.

All in line with your budget. In the kitchen, behind the scenes, at every moment the craftsmen of exception are busy, entirely dedicated to the noblest achievement, that of transforming a few hours in Geneva or Chambésy into an intense happiness, yours!

At your request, we can impress your guests with culinary shows or remain discreet while remaining responsive to the needs of each guest.

By calling on our catering services for your private event, we will put all our talents at the service of your reception to make it unique.


Of course, the sooner you start your preparations, the better. Making this event a unique moment requires a little advance planning. And often the preparation is as exciting as the party itself! Decide who will be in charge of each element of your event

Choosing an exceptional reception venue

Where should your event be held? Are your guests in the same region or spread throughout Switzerland or do they come from abroad? What type of location do you want? A very simple location or a more sophisticated one? Are you planning to stay on site? Define your expectations well before embarking on a possible search.

Focus on catering

Your group can be hosted in a restaurant, but perhaps you would prefer to use a caterer or prepare the meal yourself? In any case, cook for all tastes and think about everyone’s specificities, if there are special diets or allergies. This type of attention will also contribute to the success of your event.

Creating the perfect atmosphere

What kind of atmosphere do you want? Rather relaxed or rather formal? It depends on who you are and what you want your guests to experience. Everything from the visual aspect of the table to the general decoration and music will have an impact on the experience you want to share with your guests. For your private reception in Geneva, start by trying to describe in a few words the atmosphere you would like to have and then break it down into all areas of the party.

Since its creation, EHG Traiteur in Geneva has been able to position itself among the best caterers in Geneva and its neighbouring communes such as Carouge, Cologny, Lancy, Le Grand-Saconnex, Pregny-Chambésy, Vernier, Veyrier and Chêne-Bougeries. To plan a private reception in Geneva EHG Traiteur is “the perfect choice”.


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