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Where to organize a funeral reception in Geneva?

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Find the right partner to organize a funeral reception in Geneva

It is customary (but not mandatory) to hold a funeral reception following a funeral or memorial service.

This gathering provides an opportunity for friends and family to meet in a less formal environment. The post-funeral reception provides an opportunity for bereaved people to support each other, share stories and memories, and continue to celebrate the life of a loved one.

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Organize a funeral reception in the heart of Geneva at the Restaurant Vieux-Bois

After a funeral, hosting a reception allows the family and loved ones of the deceased to reunite by sharing a snack. This reception is an opportunity to pay a collective tribute to the deceased and to begin the mourning process.

The Restaurant Vieux-Bois offers several banquet rooms and a magnificent terrace with a breathtaking view of Ariana Park. At your service, we will offer you a personalized approach and a tailor-made know-how to meet your needs as closely as possible.

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You need to organize a funeral reception in Geneva - Réception de funérailles au restaurant l'Auberge a chambésy - organiser une réception de funérailles à Genève

To organize your funeral collation in Carouge Acacias, the restaurant Le Trinquet organizes a tailor-made event for you.

Privatize the vaulted room of our restaurant in Carouge, a room with a capacity of 100 people! Do you want a reception in the greatest intimacy? Privatize our entire restaurant.

Whether you take advantage of our pretty terrace  or our elegant banqueting room, the restaurant Le Trinquet will surprise you.

Cocktails or buffet, our restaurant in Carouge can adapt to your needs and will arrange a tailor-made funeral reception for you. On request, we can create a menu to suit your budget and your desires.

Where to plan a funeral reception in Geneva | INFORMATIONS

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4 tips for organising a mourning reception in Geneva

Usually, in a time as difficult as a funeral for a loved one, human beings need to come together. Whether it is to feel supported, to share anecdotes about the deceased or simply to exchange and change their ideas… The reception is therefore, above all, explained by this need to get closer.

This meeting is essential to the grieving process. Indeed, burial or cremation is an ordeal and being together afterwards helps to ease the weight of this ordeal. We can talk about the ceremony, how it felt, etc., and thus help our spirit to assimilate this ordeal.

A variety of locations can be used to organize a reception after a funeral:

  • At home, with the deceased or a family member.
    • If you have enough space, a home reception is the ideal solution because it offers privacy and also helps to keep costs down.
  • In a reception room, at the funeral home or at the undertaker’s.
    • Usually funeral homes have a dedicated room for the family to get together after the ceremony.
  • n a reception hall, at the parish or town hall.
    • This can be ideal when there are many guests. It is usually inexpensive but involves arranging the room yourself, which is not ideal in times of mourning.
  • In a restaurant. However, it is advisable to inform the restaurateur of the circumstances of the reception.

In any case, in order to avoid long travel times, it is preferable that the venue be close to the cemetery or the place of the ceremony..

You can choose to organize this reception in a very intimate or, on the contrary, more open way. You will need to plan the people to be invited:

  • The family,
  • Friends,
  • Colleagues at work

In addition to these invited guests, there may also be other people who came to the funeral and who were not expected to come, for example.

In these difficult times, do not hesitate to ask for help from a loved one who is less affected by the death.

As far as the reception is concerned, trust a professional to relieve you of the organization. Prefer a rather simple cold meal in the form of a buffet (petits fours, cakes) Everyone will be able to help themselves without asking too much of you.

As for drinks, opt for wine if it is appropriate, cold and hot drinks such as coffee and fruit juices.



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