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Where to celebrate your wedding anniversary in Geneva ?

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Restaurant or Catering Service, find the right partner to organize your wedding anniversary in Geneva.

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is the ideal occasion to rekindle the flame in your couple.

Even if we don’t celebrate every year the wedding anniversaries of our loved ones (parents, grandparents or others), we usually want to celebrate the round numbers: 25 years, 40 years, 50 years of marriage… From cotton wedding to diamond wedding, it’s an opportunity to get together with family or friends and celebrate this accomplished life together.

To make your party a success, it is important to choose the right place that will meet your expectations. Here are a few ideas of exceptional places that will not leave you indifferent.

Meilleur restaurant de geneve près place des nations avec terrasse


  • Maximum capacity 200 pers.
  • Terrace
Meilleur traiteur de Geneve - EHG Traiteur


  • Up to 500 pers.
  • Geneva and its surroundings

A wedding anniversary is a great opportunity to celebrate with family and friends.

In a place steeped in history, the restaurant Vieux-Bois team is at the service of your wedding anniversary in Geneva. This application restaurant of the Hotel Management School of Geneva has everything you need, whether you wish to celebrate your wedding anniversary in Geneva with all your family and friends or in the intimacy of a small group.

The restaurant Vieux-Bois will do everything possible to make your birthday party unique. It is a unique and memorable place with its magnificent terrace and a maximum seating capacity of 200 people.

Our experienced team is at your entire disposal to help you prepare and organize this event. In any case, we are committed to impressing the taste buds of all our guests with tasty dishes prepared with the best products.

Bouquet de fleurs cérémonie de mariage a Genève, EHG Traiteur 490x490
EHG Traiteur, un traiteur à genève au service de votre banquet

EHG Traiteur, your partner to organise your party in Geneva and its surroundings.

One of the most referenced event caterers in the canton of Geneva, EHG Traiteur can organise a unique event in your image.

Having built our reputation on our traditions, we also owe our renown to our ability to innovate. Our clients who call on our know-how have the advantage of making their aspirations a reality. We leave no stone unturned to ensure that everything meets their expectations.

If you don’t have an idea of a place that can host this unforgettable moment, we know all the places that lend themselves marvellously to an exceptional wedding anniversary in Geneva and its surroundings, whatever the theme you have chosen. As far as recipes are concerned, we can offer you a wide range of ideas, but it is up to you to define the ones that suit you: classics, molecular cuisine, new creations, etc..


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Restaurant Vieux-Bois
Avenue de la Paix 12 – CH 1202 Geneva
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On a wedding anniversary, it is important to invite all close family members: it is an excellent opportunity to see your cousins and other people you do not see regularly.

In general, all siblings, spouses, children and descendants should be included. Also consider inviting people who, if they are not related to you by blood, have lived through the years: close friends, long-time neighbours, certain colleagues, etc.

So that everyone can book the day in their diary, notify the guests by mail, telephone or e-mail at least 4 weeks in advance.

It will be easier to determine the location of the party once you have decided on its style. Start a few weeks or even months in advance if you want to book a private room in a restaurant or a communal multi-purpose hall. If the party is being held at a relative’s home, you don’t need to start too far in advance, but still consider the caterer!

In order to fulfil its purpose, the wedding anniversary should take place on a date close enough to the “real” date, but this is not always possible for everyone. The weekend before or after the big day is ideal. However, if you’re planning a surprise party, you may want to allow an extra week or two to make sure that the birthday boy or girl has no idea what’s going on. They’ll certainly have a chip in their ear if you insist on taking them out for a walk on the big day!

Most of the time, people celebrating 40 or 50 years of marriage already have everything they need… So it’s hard to find gifts that suit them. If you really have no idea, get together with other people to get them something a little more expensive, like :

  • A trip, a cruise or a weekend
  • One or more bottles of an excellent vintage wine
  • An outing to the theatre-restaurant with the best seats available and a gourmet meal
  • An object of value: furniture, collector’s item, jewellery, etc.
  • A painting
  • Etc.

It is also possible to find things at lower prices that are always pleasing:

A family photo album with notes and anecdotes or a beautiful framed photo where children and grandchildren have gathered for the occasion.

Any gift related to the names of wedding anniversaries:

  • 20 years: porcelain wedding anniversary
  • 25 years: silver wedding anniversary
  • 30 years: pearl wedding
  • 35 years old: ruby wedding
  • 40 years: Emerald wedding anniversary
  • 45 years old: wedding of vermeil
  • 50 years: Golden wedding anniversary
  • 60 years: diamond wedding

You’ll want to keep souvenirs from the party. Hire a videographer or photographer to immortalize the event. Try to show the photographer the couple’s wedding album so that the photographer can recreate a few iconic moments of the wedding.

Don’t hesitate to share a hashtag to be used by guests at the party, it makes it easier to collect images and memories.

Large wedding anniversary parties in a reception hall are usually planned when a couple reaches 25 or more years of marriage. These celebrations allow the couple to cherish their union and also allow loved ones to share beautiful memories and friendships built over time.

The choice of caterer or restaurant is crucial to the success of the event. Above all, the reputation of the service provider must be taken into account: know-how, experience, quality of service, etc.

At your request, we can impress your guests with culinary shows or remain discreet while remaining responsive to the needs of each guest. By calling on our catering services for your wedding anniversary, we will put all our talents at the service of your event so that it is unique..


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