You want to organize a business lunch at restaurant in Geneva, the Restaurant Vieux Bois Genève nearby to UN, ILO, ICCR, ICCG


The craftsmen of the exception at the service of your business lunch

For a business lunch in Geneva, the choice of restaurant should not be neglected. The first point to consider is the purpose of the meal. Is it to celebrate the conclusion of a partnership agreement or to negotiate a new contract? To ensure the success of your business meal, it is also advisable to choose a restaurant where quality of service and calm prevail.

To organize your business meal in Geneva, the restaurant vieux bois is a must not only in terms of its infrastructure, with its new room l’Entre’Acte, but also in terms of our experience in organizing seminars and gala dinners.

A place and a team at the service of your business lunch

The restaurant Vieux-Bois in Geneva specializes in exclusive meetings and exclusive high-level meetings. Groups are guaranteed a fully personalized experience and can fully enjoy the resolutely intimate atmosphere of this mansion.

Our different rooms can accommodate groups and delegations. Unique in their design, they contribute to creating an inspiring atmosphere.

In summer, you can enjoy the calm of one of the city’s most beautiful terraces, and lunch in full sunlight in the exceptional setting of Ariana Park.

Gala Dinner in geneva BOOK YOUR BUSINESS LUNCH IN GENEVA AT restaurant vieux bois Geneve
Restaurant Vieux Bois- Découvrez notre carte des desserts Figues pochées au cabernet muté, soufflé glacé aux effluves d'orange

A wide range of culinary options for your business lunch at restaurant in Geneva

The chefs at the Hotel Management School of Geneva prepare balanced, tasty and different dishes for each meal. Several ranges of menus are available to satisfy any culinary desire. On the cellar side, the selection is just as sophisticated thanks to finely selected wines that will delight your guests.

Whatever the size of the meeting, we provide you with a dedicated conference officer, who will be your sole contact.
Throughout your business meal, an efficient team is at your disposal and at your service.

Indulge your business lunch at restaurant, on a terrace, in the heart of a green setting

In the summer time meals are served by our teams at therestaurant Vieux-Bois or on the large terrace where you can sit outside and enjoy Geneva and park Ariana.

Restaurant Vieux Bois has been serving locals, diplomats, newcomers and tourists since 1951. We pride ourselves in serving only the freshest homemade dishes and offering our patrons an extensive menu filled with variety and quality.

Un Chef de cuisine a Genève - Stéphane Faval Chef du restaurant Vieux-Bois à Genève

Book your business lunch at restaurant in Geneva | INFORMATION

Quentin Lindt - Event Manager - Restaurant Vieux Bois et EHG TraiteurQuentin Lindt
Event Manager
Restaurant Vieux-Bois
Avenue de la Paix 12 – CH 1202 Genève
Tél: +41 22 919 24 21

Indulge our others restaurant services

Quite simply, if your customers enjoy themselves, they will remember you with great sympathy in the future.

Relationships are essential in business and the fact that people remember you and have fond memories of having lunch or dinner with you creates all kinds of benefits and opportunities for the future. A meal is not just the sum of the food ingredients.

The experience, the atmosphere, the service, the choice of dishes, etc. all contribute to creating memories. A good rule of thumb is to avoid choosing a restaurant that is too big, too noisy or too fashionable.

Are you sure people don’t notice you at the table? Well, think again!

People keep an eye on how you behave, especially in the corporate world. Whether you’re having lunch with a potential business partner or you’re invited to your boss’s business meal, respecting table etiquette is a social obligation.

But this is not always the case, as people meet during a meal to find out more about a person. And believe it or not, your behaviour at the table largely reflects your professionalism and social manners.

Now you’re wondering how to avoid making a mistake at your next business meal? We support you! There are a few things to remember that we have shared here

Whether you invite someone to lunch or they invite you, plan to be standing inside the entrance about five minutes before the scheduled time. Take into account that you may not know where you’re going and parking may be a problem.

Whether a host or guest, if you’re going to be late for any reason call as soon as you realize you will be delayed.  That way the others won’t worry that they had the wrong day or time, or the wrong place.

Put your mobile phone in silent mode

In business meetings, you need to be attentive to what others are discussing. Resist the temptation to check notifications, especially when your host is present. Activate the silent mode rather than leaving it on vibrate or putting it away, if possible.

Wait until your host is seated first

Staying on your feet until your host or boss is seated is a kind gesture that people notice. If there is no host, be patient so that the oldest person at the table is seated first.

Place your napkin immediately

Remove your napkin after sitting down and carefully place it on your lap. If you have to leave, for example to receive a call, never put the napkin back on the table. Instead, put it on your empty chair if you plan to return.

Fill up other people’s cups before you have

But you don’t have to serve. When a table shares a common pitcher of water, add some to your glass only after checking the others’. It is a polite gesture to fill other people’s glasses before your own.


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