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Organize your Wedding in Geneva in the famous Restaurant Vieux-Bois

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The craftsmen of the exception in the service of your wedding in Geneva

Since its creation, EHG Traiteur has always made a difference by establishing itself as one of the most innovative wedding catering services in Geneva or in one of the neighbouring municipalities such as Carouge, Chêne-Bougeries, Cologny, Lancy, Le Grand-Saconnex, Pregny-Chambésy, Vernier, Veyrier.  Marriage is one of the most beautiful days of a lifetime, which is why such a day must be orchestrated in the best conditions in order to create a perfect unity. Each element is important and especially the catering service.

You decided to take the plunge by asking for your half’s hand. So from now on, your priority objective is to organize a wedding in Geneva.
You will organize an unforgettable reception in a magical and easily accessible setting to welcome your guests.

Enjoy a wedding room that reflects your image

Restaurant Vieux Bois is a unique and memorable wedding venue with a maximum capacity of 200 people seated. At the same time, you will find at the Hotel Management School of Geneva, professionals who will help you in the organization of your wedding.
Our experienced team is at your disposal to assist you in the preparation and organization of the most beautiful day of your life in order to organize a magnificent wedding, which must be celebrated as it should be, in a romantic wedding hall.

The expertise of “exceptional craftsmen” at the service of your wedding in Geneva

The expertise and know-how of our teams guarantee that every detail is taken into account, so that future spouses do not have to worry about anything on their wedding day.

Nothing is more reassuring than knowing that a team of professionals is at your side to take care of every detail of your big day.

planifier un mariage a Genève - Organiser un Mariage a Genève
To organize your wedding anniversary in Geneva, the restaurant vieux bois is an ideal place with its superb terrace but also with regard to our experience in organizing private events.

Organize your wedding at restaurant in geneva while respecting your budget

Tailor-made” arrangements are of course possible and our team remains at your disposal to study with you any other proposal that you may find interesting. All in line with your wedding budget.

Located in a green setting, Ariana Park offers a magnificent natural setting for unforgettable photos in Lake Geneva region

Each celebration at the restaurant Vieux-Bois is distinguished by its exceptional fragrance. In the kitchen, behind the scenes, at every moment, the craftsmen of the exception are busy, entirely dedicated to the most noble achievement, that of transforming a few hours in Geneva into an intense happiness, yours!

Organize your Wedding in Geneva | INFORMATION

Quentin Lindt - Event Manager - Restaurant Vieux Bois et EHG TraiteurQuentin Lindt
Event Manager
Restaurant Vieux-Bois
Avenue de la Paix 12 – CH 1202 Geneva
Tel : +41 22 9192421

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It is no wonder that more and more couples choose their favorite restaurants as their wedding reception venue. The interesting thing is that it is not only food-lovers who make this choice. Many couples nowadays prefer a small, intimate and meaningful wedding ceremony and reception instead of a big bash where they hardly know all the guests. Restaurants are a likely choice for such couples as well.

Here are some of the other reasons why restaurant weddings are so attractive.

It is the best option for those who are short on time: It is an easy go-to solution for a couple who are short on time or aren’t too keen on planning every small detail of their wedding day. So, if you are a bride or groom who has many pressing needs at work or otherwise, and fitting in wedding plans is nearly impossible, a restaurant wedding may be the easiest option available.

If you have just got engaged, you may be looking forward to getting married as soon as possible so that you can start living the rest of your life with your partner. Planning your wedding within six months may seem like an impossible task and you may have to compromise on some aspects of your wedding, but with a little preparation and help, you can make this special day seem like a fairy tale.

Booking a venue and vendors for special events

Decide on a date for your wedding. Discuss with your partner the exact date of your wedding to start making the necessary arrangements. Keep in mind that the date you want may not be available in the location, in the restaurant in Geneva you want, so you will need to be flexible.

Work out your budget with your partner.

For your wedding at restaurant in Geneva, sit down with your partner to discuss how much you want to spend on your marriage. Both of you must try to take into account your future expenses, your current bills and how much you and your partner have or will have saved by the time of your wedding.

You need a support

Ask your friends and family to help you plan your wedding. As you are planning a wedding in a fairly short period of time, try to contact your close friends and family to see if they are willing to help you.
Ask them to take care of booking suppliers, decorating, or simply to give you moral support throughout the wedding planning process.
Try not to feel offended if your friends or family members don’t have time to help you. Everyone has a busy life and may be too overwhelmed to contribute.

A restaurant for a mariage in Genève

Reducing the guest list is one of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning. It’s a little more complicated than simply making a list of all the people you would like to celebrate with. There are some people you will need to invite, some you really want to avoid, and some you may or may not have to, depending on the capacity of your hall.

But when a couple is wondering who to invite to their wedding, they should not feel obliged to add to their list someone they have never met.

Make a preliminary list with your only partner
Before involving your families, sit down with your partner to start the guest list. Start with your immediate families, then add the close family members you really want to be there. Then move on to your closest friends, the ones you just can’t imagine getting married without.

It probably won’t be your entire guest list, but it’s a good place to start and should cover the must-haves that your parents will be looking for. But don’t get your families involved yet: you’ll want to establish this starting point first to make sure everyone is represented equally.

Return the favour
This is a sensitive issue. If a friend invited you to her wedding five years ago, there is no need to invite her to yours – even if you were a bridesmaid. However, if you have attended a wedding in the last 18 months (and especially if you or your partner were present), that couple should also be on your guest list.

Follow the modern “plus one” protocol
You are not obliged to offer each of your guests a plus-one at your wedding, but if they are in a serious relationship of any kind (dating, living together, engagement, etc.), their partner must be included. Buh-bye, “no wedding ring, no bringing” rule.


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