Prenez connaissance de l'ecosysteme unique en Suisse " Signé by EHG" de l'Ecole Hôtelière de Genève


What are the advantages of the ecosystem Signé EHG in one of the best swiss hotel school for our students?

The hospitality ecosystem training program set up by the Hotel Management School offers students exceptional professional experience and immediately acquaints them with the Hotel Management School of Geneva motto “Excellence in the service of a profession”.

Through the Ecosystem Signed EHG training program, students are immediately given work experience and exposed to the challenges of their future profession, under the supervision of their teachers and professionals, via 3 initiation restaurants and a catering service.

For a dining experience that’s unlike any other, we recommend you visit one of our restaurants for a day of culinary bliss.

We are proud to be the home of some of the most remarkable restaurants in Geneva, the gourmet restaurant Vieux-Bois and restaurant l’Auberge in Chambesy, where our skilled chefs deliver delicious Swiss Local and modern-European cuisines.

Come and savour great food in our restaurants, that are incredibly sophisticated and stylish. We are confident that you will receive an unforgettable dining experience.

Logo Signé by EHG, l'Ecosystème de l'ecole Hôtelière de Genève en Suisse
Hotel Management school of Geneva - Hotel Career prospect - Hotel Career opportunity
Découvrez l'Ecosysteme de Formation Signé by EHG de l'Ecole Hôtelière de Genève au bord du lac léman
Ecosysteme de Formation Signé by EHG
Signé By EHG, Restaurant Vieux Bois a Genève


  • Restaurant L’Auberge in Chambesy
    • In a convivial atmosphere, Chef Mariela Lascano, highlights local products for a decidedly Genevan cuisine.
  • Restaurant Vieux-Bois
    • The gourmet restaurant Vieux-Bois is a favourite destination of gourmets who appreciate a genuine menu that changes every 6 weeks and an efficient banqueting service.
  • EHG Traiteur
    • Our catering service will do everything possible to make your event a success with your guests.

A swiss hospitality training ecosystem in one of the best european hotel school

Hotel Management School Geneva is ranked 6th out of 180 in the latest ranking made by the renowned CEOWORLD Magazine of the best hospitality schools in Europe for the year 2019.

Due to the growing popularity of the hotel and restaurant industry, there are many opportunities worldwide for advancement in this diverse industry for people with a degree in hospitality and management.

One of the advantages of studying at an internationally renowned hotel school is that your diploma is respected and appreciated worldwide. There are also the networks you will establish with the brightest former students and peers you will call your classmates.


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