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Discover the advantages of choosing an hospitality management in Geneva to pursue your studies

«Made in Switzerland»

Swiss hotel training is recognised as one of the best in the world.

A  small big hospitality school
Favouring small classes with a school on a human scale – 300 students, 62 employees – is one of our priorities for optimising knowledge acquisition.

A policy that encourages the sharing of professional experience and human relations, the central pivot of our service businesses.

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More than just teaching
For more than 100 years, the Hotel Management School Geneva has been asserting its difference.
Combining personal initiative and collective responsibility, respect and ambition, professional success and personal fulfilment, the Hotel Management School prepares the men and women who will know how to undertake to build the world of the hotel and catering industry of tomorrow.

Sought-after diplomas
To ensure that its training programs meet the needs of employers and reflect the reality of the job market, the École Hôtelière works closely with the industry and the organizations that represent it.

Its programs of study are enriched and aligned with international quality standards. As a result, its graduates (Alumni) have acquired high-level skills that allow them to work in all types of establishments around the world.

Our diplomas are recognized and appreciated by hotel and restaurant professionals. They offer a choice of exciting and varied careers as well as a fantastic opening to the world.

In addition, companies in the tertiary industry (banks, tourist offices, insurance companies…) open up real professional alternatives.

A school appreciated by hoteliers and restaurateurs
The Hotel Management School Geneva enjoys a very close proximity to the companies in the market. Recruitment events are regularly organised with Hospitality Management School’s partner hotels and restaurants.

An ideally located campus, where life is good for teaching

The Hotel Management School is located in Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva, in the heart of diplomatic Geneva and international organisations.

It is 10 minutes from the heart of the city of Calvin and a few minutes walk from the Palais des Nations. The school is easily accessible (Cornavin train station, A1 motorway, Geneva Cointrin international airport…).

A renovated campus of 3500 m2 in the heart of the Ariana Park with numerous services and infrastructures:

  • An application restaurant for students, restaurant vieux-bois,
  • Cafétéria L’Entre’Actes,
  • Banquet rooms dedicated to events…
Rrstaurant in Geneva | Restaurant Vieux Bois - A deux pas de la place des Nations et de l'ONU
Ceremonie de Remise des diplomes a l'Ecole hoteliere de Geneve - Alexia Francano Major de promotion vol.131

The opportunities are great with the graduation of « ES »

At the end of their studies, “ES” graduates in hotel management work in many different fields, in Switzerland or abroad.

They may be recruited in the various departments of the hotel (marketing, F&B, sales, etc.), or move into the tourism, leisure, accommodation or catering sectors.

They will also find opportunities in the tertiary sector, where services and human contacts are a priority.

What steps should be taken to apply for admission to Hotel Management School ?

In order to apply to the Hotel Management School Geneva, among the conditions for admission, motivation is one of the selection criteria.

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Hotel Management School of Geneva
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When you choose an hotel management school it means an unlimited career opportunities: by studying hospitality management, you are preparing yourself for a variety of excellent career opportunities with chances for advancement.

As this sector is extremely diverse and extensive, your job search will not be limited. Whether you want to run a hotel, create a luxury resort, or manage an exotic getaway, the choice is yours!

Explore the world: working in this sector offers you many opportunities to discover new places around the world. It could be working in a boutique hotel in Paris, managing a resort in the Seychelles or even running a hotel in Switzerland.
Be part of a growing industry: the hospitality industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

Hospitality management refers to applying management practices and concepts in the sphere of lodging, food and other hospitality-related business. Since this is a service-based industry, you should be friendly, approachable, helpful, welcoming and polite in order to retain existing customers and attract new ones.

If you are able to think on your feet and have the ability to interact with people from around the world, this is a career option you should consider.

Hospitality management is a blanket term that includes industries ranging from the hotel industry to food and beverage. When it comes to the advantages of the two industries, the following is true for both as the lines between the two are a little blurry. Here are the advantages:

  • A wide scope of opportunities: hospitality is one of the fast-paced industries globally and is continuing to rise in terms of revenue and employment. This has led to opening up of more and more opportunities in this sector.
  • Competitive: the hospitality industry has a competitive atmosphere which will help you push your limits to become better at your job.
  • Career progression: since the hospitality industry is growing rapidly in terms of revenue generation and popularity, the career growth in this industry is immense.
  • Learning curve: training and development programs are constantly organized for professionals in this industry. You will learn along the way to the top of your game and acquire skills that are critical to the profession.


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