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The sustainable development at the hotel management school means the green confort
The Hotel Management School of Geneva is committed to a global approach to environmental optimisation.
The actions taken concern equipment as well as staff and suppliers.

Consideration of the whole chain has made it possible to obtain the first results.

Sustanaible development in hotel school in switzerland
EHG Traiteur, un traiteur à genève au service de votre cocktail déjeunatoire

Because of its values, Hotel Management School of Geneva is concerned about the need consider sustainable development in its activities.

Integrating this factor into an organisation is a true revolution and can only be viewed as a positive addition to our service and the comfort of our customers and students.

The defined roadmap (a series of actions taken) already gives excellent results, thanks to adherence by all staff and students and to technological developments.

The environment is deeply rooted in everyday thinking, and Hotel Management School of Geneva is now ahead of the regulations in looking after customer and student happiness and staff pride.

For the past 3 years the Hotel Management School of Geneva in partnership with Biolia worked throughout all the phases of the Ecocook® program, from detecting potential improvements and their development, as well as the valorization of the practices of excellence and sustainable already implemented, to the development of a tailor-made communication strategy.

The Hotel Management School and its restaurant Vieux-Bois is the first establishment in the world to have attained Ecocook level 3.


  • LED bulbs replacing all lighting devices.
  • Economical flushes.
  • Selective waste sorting


  • Continually trained in simple habits that have an immediate impact on the environment.
  • Selective waste sorting


  • Each supplier must fill in a specification that influences the decision in calls for tenders.
  • The laundry must consider its choice of detergents and washing programmes.
  • The kitchen requires product traceability from its suppliers.
  • GRTA Label
Sustanaible development in hotel school in switzerland Geneva


Véronique Huber
Office Manager
Hotel Management School of Geneva
Avenue de la Paix 12 – CH 1202 Geneva
Tel : +41 22 919 24 24

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