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2019 European ranking of hotel schools

The Hotel Management School Geneva is ranked 6th out of 180 in the latest ranking by the renowned CEOWORLD Magazine of the best european hospitality school in 2019.

Due to the growing popularity of the hotel and catering industry, there are many opportunities worldwide for advancement in this diverse industry for people with a degree in hospitality and management.

One of the benefits of studying at an internationally renowned hospitality school is that your degree is respected and appreciated around the world. There are also the networks you’ll network with alumni and the brightest peers you’ll call your classmates.

Hotel Management School Geneva’s hospitality hotel management programs are QQQ, ASEH and Eduqua accredited, placing us in the elite group of leading hospitality and hotel management schools in Switzerland. These accreditations represent the highest level of achievement of any hotel school in Switzerland.

We’ve designed our programs based on your strengths, interests and career aspirations.

Our rigorous curriculum focuses on the latest developments and trends in global business. Because future leaders must challenge the status quo, we will expose you to ideas that go beyond the traditional curriculum.

The advantages of choosing a Swiss hotel management school to pursue your studies

Swiss hotel training is recognised as one of the best in the world.

The Ecole Hôtelière de Genève uses the links it has forged with the hotel and tourism industry to offer concrete programmes that are adapted to the industry and best represent the realities of the profession.

The “ES” Hotel Management diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management is aimed at people wishing to start a career orientation or reorientation within the hotel industry as well as those already working in the field and who wish to progress.

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Discover a unique pedagogical concept implemented, to make the Hotel Management School Geneva one of the best european hospitality school.

Thanks to a common core of studies, the Hotel Management School technical programme opens wide the doors to a career in the Lake Geneva area, in Switzerland or internationally.

Our teaching is progressive and focuses on the acquisition of balanced theoretical and practical knowledge.
It integrates all the skills you will need to master in the career of your choice.

This hospitality management school curriculum focuses on the essential knowledge in the hotel and restaurant business. Coming from the industry, the teachers provide all the keys to success in entering the job market.

Validated by internships in real-life conditions, the course modules follow on from one another and provide you with in-depth practical knowledge, enriched by 12 to 18 months of hands-on experience.

What are the career opportunities with a diploma from one of the best hotel management schools in Europe ?

Tourism and hospitality industries are a set of customer services that includes hotels, restaurants, clubs, casinos, resorts, event management and travel. It is a multi-million dollar global business that is growing rapidly.

At the end of their studies, “ES” graduates in hotel management work in many different fields, both in Switzerland and abroad.

They may be recruited in the various departments of the hotel (marketing, F&B, sales, etc.), or move into the tertiary sectors (banking, watchmaking, events) of tourism, leisure, accommodation or catering.

Related sectors (hospital, community, transport, para hotel, retirement home, health/fitness sector, suppliers (food products and equipment) are looking for the managerial profile of our students..

Réserver votre table sur la terrasse du restaurant vieux bois a Genève
Perspective de Carrieres dans l'hôtellerie restauration a l ecole hoteliere de geneve, ecole de management en hotellerie

They will also find career opportunities in the tertiary sector, where services and human contacts are a priority.

Being a graduate of one of the best european hospitality school is a guarantee of international recognition

The expertise acquired will enable you to practice your profession worldwide. Other landscapes, new faces and a choice of careers without borders await you.

Do not hesitate any longer! Meet with one of our advisors today for more information!

Ranked in the best European Hospitality School | Informations

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Hotel Management School of Geneva
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Hotel Management School Geneva is definitely worth considering! We offer a perfect balance between practical work, theorical and academic studies in an international and stimulating environment in Switzerland.

Studying in Geneva is a management school where you can have the chance to make new friends who will accompany you throughout your life.

A school on a human scale

We are sure you will feel « like at home » on our campus, study at the Hotel Management School Geneva is to be trained by a high level pedagogical team.

Experienced teachers and specialists, our teachers have all held high hierarchical positions in the hotel and catering industry. This experience enables them to provide theoretical knowledge in line with professional reality.Thanks to their individual attention, you will be recognised as an individual and not as a number or a name.

Finally, you will make friends on campus and take them with you for the rest of your life. This is where you’ll begin to create your own social network and the best memories of your life.

An internationally recognized institution

The hotel school attracts students from all over the world. During your studies, you will have the opportunity to work in multicultural groups, giving you the chance to enrich your knowledge and develop your intercultural skills.

The Hotel Management School Geneva has an extensive global network of partners and alumni in the hotel industry. During your studies, you will be required to complete an apprenticeship (internship) at both operational and management level. You will be able to do one of these abroad.

The Hotel Management School Geneva is an institution that provides a high level of education. Since our creation in 1914, we have maintained a worldwide reputation for our hotel and management education. We are proud to say that we are one of the best hotel management schools in Europe.

Our hotel management school’s programme is both ambitious and challenging, offering the perfect combination of practical courses, theory, projects and learning. Our teachers and clients will challenge you and encourage you to think critically while providing you with the knowledge you need to deal with any difficulties you may encounter during your course.

Obtaining our Hotel Management Diploma after 2 or 3 years of study opens the door to a multitude of career opportunities whether your ambition is to run a hotel, open your own business or work for one of the many para-hotel entities.


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