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A pool of talent trained for the requirements of your hotel and restaurant business

Your want to recruit our students for an internship or upon graduation, for several decades, Hotel Management School of Geneva has been helping to fill the catering and hospitality business with talented and passionate young people.

Our motivated, talented students and future graduates ask only to be allowed to prove themselves.

The Hotel Management School of Geneva,  in keeping with the imperatives of the sector and its realities, trains the elite of future hospitality and catering professionals.

After very quickly becoming operational, our graduates naturally find their place in the development strategy of a hotel, restaurant or any structures related to the hospitality trades.

Young and deserving, they are definitely human resources with added value.
Continuously updated training programmes and a strong international openness make it possible to recruit candidates who are aware of changes in the sector and the profession.

The Internship & Alumni Office assists students throughout their training. It trains them to get to know each other better and encourages their thoughts, offering them a range of dedicated services and events:

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  • April to October
  • October to April

Recruit our students for an internship or upon graduation 

For decades, Hotel Management School of Geneva has been fostering professional links. Convinced of the synergy between the academic institutions and the professions, it offers real operational training to future hotel and catering executives. A well-supported student is a manager better prepared for your company.

Student internships fulfil an essential function of spending time in a company in switzerland or abroad

At the Hotel Management School, this discovery of company life takes place from the first year of study and continues throughout the course with two additional internships (general curriculum). Bringing students and companies closer together is a priority for our Hospitality Management School, which, through its degree programme, increases encounters between these two worlds.

At the Hotel Management School Genevaprofessionals are true partners, and are placed at the heart of the training project.professionals are true partners and are placed at the heart of the training project. As such, the internship office assists them in their communication and recruitment of students and young graduates.

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Internship and Alumni Office  | Recruit our Students

Virginie Grosso - Ecole Hôtelière de GenèveVirginie Grosso
Internship and Placement Manager
Hotel Management School of Geneva
Avenue de la Paix 12 – CH 1202 Geneva
Tel : +41 22 919 24 31

Connect your organisation with competent and passionate students and graduates

If your company is looking to recruit people with a passion, the Careers and Employment site (Hosco) will put you in touch with current students and graduates looking for work. Graduates of the Hotel Management School Geneva are well above the national average in terms of employment results after training.

Tell us about the employment of our students and graduates on a casual, part-time and full-time basis.

A spirit of openness and sharing permeates the school’s relations with hotels and restaurants, the latter being long-standing partners of the Hotel Management School Geneva and playing an essential role in its development.

Throughout the year, the Hotel School provides hotels, restaurants and other companies with the opportunity to meet students and graduates and to offer them recruitment opportunities.

The diplomas offered at the Hotel Management School Geneva all include compulsory periods of training which are assessed in a professional environment. The date of internship are

These 6-month internships allow students to apply the knowledge acquired during their diploma and to familiarise themselves with the professional realities of their speciality, while developing new professional and personal skills specific to the world of catering and the hotel business.

The Internship and Alumni Office assists hotels and restaurants throughout their recruitment process. It helps them to get to know each other better and encourages them to think about their career, by offering them a range of services and dedicated events :

  • The Hosco digital platform, which coordinates internship and job offers.
  • Organisation of student-company and student-graduate meetings.

Advertises your job

Post a job offer on our online job portal, including part-time, full-time, student and current graduate placements.

Placement opportunities

Students taking certain courses are required to complete an internship as part of their programme of study. If you would like to find out more about internship opportunities, please contact us using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Career and job fair

Held every semester, the Career and Employment Forum gives you the opportunity to meet hundreds of current students, future graduates and alumni to introduce your organization to potential employees.

For companies interested in exhibiting, please contact the Internship Department.


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