How to enroll at Ecole Hoteliere Geneve - How to enroll at Hotel Management School Geneva a swiss hospitality school


Enrolling at the hotel management school means taking the first step towards a professional career in a sector that is constantly growing and offers countless opportunities around the world.

The reputation of Swiss hotel schools is a guarantee of excellence. Hotel Management School of Geneva offers high-level training to students who combine passion, talent and ambition, and who wish to access high-end careers in the hospitality industry at the international level.

The aim of Hotel Management School of Geneva is to do everything possible to make our students into accomplished professionals capable of assuming positions of responsibility in the hospitality, catering and hospitality industries.

Each program and course therein, has been designed to provide students the competitive advantage require to be universally prepared to work in a global economy.

It provides students with comprehensive learning experiences in a warm, inclusive and dynamic environment. That is why we design and deliver dense education that is constantly adapted to the ever more demanding requirements of these professions.

The mission of all the members of the teaching team and the school management is to offer each student
“Professional Excellence”.

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How to Enroll at Hotel School in Switzerland - Hotel Management School of Geneva

When you enroll at hotel school, internship is part of your cursus

For decades, the Hotel Management School of Geneva has ceaselessly fostered work links. Convinced of the synergy between academic institutions and the trades of the profession, it provides genuine operational training for future hotels and restaurants managers.

It’s the reason why find an internship in a hotel or a restaurant is so important when you start a new career. Hospitality and catering are “field” occupations and it is vital to be put in a real-life situation.

Depending on your course, you will carry out 1 to 3 internships in a company each lasting from 5 to 6 months.

To enroll at Geneva Hotel School grades and test scores are important, but we look beyond numbers and statistics !

What steps should I take to apply for admission to Hotel Management School of Geneva for the next academic year?


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