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Hospital Training Service

Porgramme de Cours - Cours Responsable de Spa au Centre Anifor du Val d'Anniviers en Suisse

Take advantage of our professors’ experience to complete your professional training in hotel an restaurant industry program

Hotel Management School Geneva’s ambition is to be the preferred school for catering and hospitality professionals in French-speaking Switzerland, which is why assistance for professionals in business is one of our priorities.

The aim of these professional training in hotel courses is to learn, review and deepen knowledge necessary in order to be comfortable in all life situations: making an acquaintance, presentations, official events (dinner, cocktails, aperitifs), knowing how to play the role of host/hostess, guest, etc.
Who has never been in a position where they hesitated about the attitude to adopt, the terms to be used, the greetings to be made…? There are many situations where the rules of etiquette are of great help.

  • Have you acquired experience and expertise over the years?
  • Do you want to have your skills recognised for personal or professional reasons?

You may have the most skilled physicians and experienced nurses in the industry, but if you can’t provide a consistently high-quality experience for your patients, they won’t recognize you for outstanding healthcare. The goal of healthcare companies should be to develop long-term relationships with patients.

The reputation your company develops for excellent or poor customer service will be critical in determining whether potential patents seek your services in the future.


The growing demand from patients/clients for a complete quality service in the hospital world, both in terms of care and services, has led us to develop this training unit.

If you wish to strengthen your personal skills or those of your employees within your hospital establishment, we provide you with training adapted to the new needs of the profession.

This training is aimed at adults with professional experience in the field of personal care in a hospital environment (care assistant, hospital assistant or similar).

A minimum of two years of experience in this field is required to take this training.

Your want to become trained as hotel housekeeper. Make your dream come true with ANIFOR. In Canton of Valais our Hospitality School for Adult - Formation au métier de Gouverante - Anifor centre de formation professionnelle hotelier du Valais Suisse
Pour les Parents l'Ecole Hôtelière de Genève


For its professional expertise and logistical support, our training aims to transmit the following skills:

  • Organize the work according to the demands and expectations of clients/patients
  • Preventing undernutrition and respecting hospital hygiene rules
  • Optimize the quality of the patient service environment
  • Anticipate and customize customer requests in the restaurant industry


The training is organized in a modular form and includes the following elements:

  • Module 1: Project Management
  • Module 2: Nutrition
  • Module 3: Hospital in-room catering
  • Module 4: Hospital hygiene
  • Module 5: Reception and communication


Certificate of continuing education in catering and hospital service, recognised by the Department of Public Education of the Canton of Geneva.


  • Maximum 14 people per session.


  • 10 days of theoretical courses and 4 days of practical courses for a total of 124 periods.
  • 2 days per month + 4 days of practice in the kitchen and nutrition department.

Spring session

  • Classes from April to October from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
  • Review in November.

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Véronique Huber
Office Manager
Hotel Management School Geneva
Avenue de la Paix 12 – CH 1202 Geneva
Tel : +41 22 919 24 24


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