Obtain a diploma in hospitality management in switzerland

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Getting a diploma in hospitality management in switzerland

This training to obtain a diploma in hospitality management in a swiss hotel school, given in the heart of the city of Calvin, develops, in direct synergy with the hotel world, the management skills of students wishing to invest in the hotel business at a high level.

For 3 years, students approach all aspects of hotel management by developing their management skills, sense of responsibility and initiative.

In direct contact with the hotel industry, the training allows students to practice in a professional situation from the 1st year, thanks to an integrated collaboration with the Swiss Hospitality Training Ecosystem of the Hotel Management School of Geneva “signed by EHG”.


Technical training is central to the curriculum. Business management methods, accommodation management, catering management, marketing, financial management and computer software training are a major focus of the training.

Human resources management and foreign language learning are also at the heart of the curriculum, as the profession is a profession where service and human contacts are a priority.

A unique pedagogical concept to achieve a diploma in hospitality management cursus

Our teaching is progressive and focuses on the acquisition of balanced theoretical and practical knowledge.

It includes all the skills you will need to master in the career of your choice.

Validated by internships in real conditions, the course modules follow one another and provide you with a detailed theoretical background, enriched by 12 to 30 months of practical experience.

The opportunities are wide with a diploma in hospitality management in switzerland

At the end of their studies, “ES” graduates in hotel management work in many fields, in Switzerland or abroad.

They can be recruited from the various departments of the hotel (marketing, F&B, sales, etc.), or they can focus on the tourism, leisure, accommodation or catering sectors.

They will also find opportunities in the tertiary sector, where services and human contacts are a priority.

Make your dream come true, continue your studies in one of the best hotel management school in Switzerland

The advantages of choosing one the best swiss hospitality Management School to pursue your studies

The Swiss hotel training is recognized as one of the best in the world, and our hotel management school is ranked among the best hospitality management school in Europe

The Hotel Management School Geneva uses the links it has forged with the hotel and tourism industry to offer concrete programmes adapted to the industry and best representing the realities of the profession.

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Ecole de management en Hotelerie - l'Ecole Hôtelière de Genève

An international recognition with your diploma from one of the best European hotel school

The diploma of Hotel Management “ES” (Higher School) is widely appreciated and recognized nationally and internationally.

It gives the holder the right to operate an establishment throughout Switzerland and also confers the title of “maître d’apprentissage”.

Obtaining the diploma from the Hotel Management School of Geneva is an outcome through the validation of a dense course.

It is a passport for a great freedom of choice.

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