Enter into the world of hotels and restaurants at Hotel Management School Geneva. Indulge advantages of studying at hotel school in Genève

4 Key Advantages of studying with The Hotel Management School Geneva

Be a graduate of a swiss hospitality management school, your passport for success


If you are passionate about the hospitality industry, but some aspects still seem ambiguous to you, discover the advantages of studying at Hotel School.

The Hotel Management School originally started operating in 1919. It has since developed close working relationships with many leading hospitality organizations both in Switzerland and internationally.

When student study with The Hospitality Management School in Geneva, they will graduate with a ES qualification from Swiss confederation. No other Hotel school in Switzerland except our sister hotel school in Zürich can take pride in offering this key feature.

Another key offering from The Hotel Management School is the Paid Internships opportunity.

The Internship program combines classroom learning with its application in the working environment. Students are able to observe and work in an organization where they gain practical, real-life skills and experiences.

The objectives of the internship are to provide students with a range of practical experiences, exposing them to the general systems of operations and the philosophies and aims of partner organizations.

For internships, students may gain experience in any sector of hospitality and can work in full-time position capacity.

A complete internship in companies every six months is a key advantage with the Hotel School

– Requires students to complete six months continuous service (October to March or April to September ) with one organization, two or three times depending or their cursus ( Generalist or Professional)
– Accrue a minimum of 500 hours practical workplace experience;
– May be undertaken within Switzerland or internationally;
– Complete “on-the-job” training and academic assessments;
– Receive supervision and mentoring by an academic tutor;
– Assists students to critically reflect on the relationship between the academic studies and the workplace environment.

Benefits to students:

– Exposed to current industry recruitment practices;
– Develop key practical and transferable skills such as problem –solving, communication and teamwork;
– Observe and develop new techniques, ideas and management styles;
– Reflect on the relationship between academic studies and the working environment;
– Gain marketable experience within their career field;
– Develop a network of contacts within the industry;

Obtain a Diploma in Hospitality Management in Switzerland Open day Event in Geneva Ecole Hoteliere Geneve, participez a la journée portes ouvertes a Genève

With a diploma in hotel management, discover the world

A career in hotel management can help you discover the world and many different cultures. You will make professional contacts and new friends wherever you go.

A career in the hotel industry is an exciting and character-building career, each experience increases your ability to adapt and communicate.

Our smaller classes are a key advantage for studying at hotel school

At Hotel Management School Geneva, our students are never just a number, our smaller classes have resulted in a warm and welcoming sense of community.

We know that the biggest drawback to a traditional school or university is the lack of individualized learning and the large, auditorium-style classrooms. At Hotel Management School Geneva, we operate differently. We believe that each student should feel seen and heard. We think that students learn faster and progress through the material quicker in smaller classes.

Not only do our students get more from their education, but our teachers feel better equipped to deal with the needs of a classroom by observing and fine-tuning their style of teaching to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

We also encourage our students to participate in stimulating class discussions to strengthen their learnings. Our mix of international and domestic students allows for a dynamic collision of ideas and backgrounds that enrich the learning experience. This is where close friendships are formed and confidence in new learning takes root.

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