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A “swiss quality” hotel and restaurant management school

Ecole de management en Hotellerie en suisse

While hotels and restaurants are very modern sectors, one thing has been the case for decades: Switzerland is a perfect place to learn!

Exceptional quality establishments, highly renowned courses and the Swiss industry: a “MUST”.

With its top-class infrastructure and its great tourist tradition, Switzerland is the ideal country to train for all the professions in this sector, which is not in crisis.

The Hotel Management School of Geneva is ranked in the top 10 hotel management schools in the world.

The excellence of Swiss hotel training is recognised as one of the best in the world.

Build your professional project and succeed in your professional integration

Vibrating to the rhythm of the major international trends in the hotel, restaurant and hospitality industry, the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève has been one of the world’s leading providers of specialized training in this field for nearly 100 years.

Internationally renowned for the excellence of its programs and the professionalism and expertise of its graduates, the Hotel Management School provides high-level skills that can be applied worldwide, like major international training institutions.

The Hotel Management School Geneva holds several information activities throughout the year.

It is important to feel good in your school. But how do you know that when you’ve never visited before? This is the purpose of the open days that the hotel school organises throughout the year.

During our Open Day, interested candidates have the opportunity to learn more about the programs offered, explore the facilities, meet professors, students and graduates, all in order to make the right career choice.

Quels sont les tarifs de l'Ecole de Diplôme en gestion hôtelière en Suisse management en Hotellerie
Ecole de Management en Hotellerie Restauration en Suisse

Study in a world-renowned swiss hospitality management school

Studying at Hotel Management School Geneva means joining forces with passionate people who set the bar high to meet challenging challenges, succeed and be among the best in their profession, here or around the world.

Whether it is to learn management, finance, marketing and to have practical experience in cooking, service and housekeeping, the HMSG has succeeded in establishing itself in this demanding landscape.

Located in the heart of Geneva, a metropolis of a thousand and one possibilities and a true international city in the heart of Europe. The Geneva Hotel Management School offers its students the opportunity to dive into the heart of their future profession.

From the first day of their training, it allows them to acquire a significant amount of professional experience before they even enter the job market.

The world of the hotel and restaurant industry, the one we will join, the one we may one day create, is made up of relationships, confrontations, discoveries, sometimes repetitions, sometimes tensions and tremendous successes.

The specialization of our diploma programs in hotel management and management allows our students to acquire the managerial skills and knowledge required by professionals from a future operational manager in the international hotel industry:

  • Adopt the codes of excellence specific to the hotel sector.
  • Acquire operational and managerial skills in hotel management.
  • Master the fundamentals of hotel and restaurant marketing.
  • Acquire the fundamentals of the digital world in relation to the hotel and restaurant industry.
Ecole de Management en Hotellerie a Geneve en Suisse 466x310 final
portes ouvertes a l'ecole hôtelière Genève Journée Portes Ouvertes a l'Ecole Hoteliere

This is why practical internships are integrated into all programs. A winning strategy!

Choose a swiss hospitality management school where it is good to learn

Choosing the Hotel Management School Geneva means living your passion to the full in one of the most efficient environments. A business card for success! The teaching provided through the two HMS Geneva’s courses is far from being limited to learning the fundamentals, students spend at least 15 months in companies.

To learn concretely the life of the company in all its aspects, to have an indisputable professional experience, even before leaving school, because the integration of students into professional life is the priority of the Hotel Management School.

That is why students do a six-month internship every year.

How to consider your career in the long term with a swiss hospitality management school diploma

Like our Alumni, if you demonstrate passion, rigorous professional ethics and commitment, you have the opportunity to enjoy a successful career in the international hotel industry. In addition to continuing to recruit while the job market is suffering, the hotel, restaurant and hospitality industries are also sectors in which there are many and varied opportunities for professional development.

The diploma program at the Ecole Hôtelière de Genève combines practical training with theoretical and general courses. Throughout their studies, graduates of the Hotel School have acquired the relational and professional skills sought in this sector.

débouchés pour diplômes École Hotelière Suisse OBTENIR UN DIPLÔME EN GESTION HÔTELIÈRE EN SUISSE Ecole de Management en Hotellerie Restauration a Geneve en Suisse 466x310
Alumni Ecole hoteliere de Geneve 465x310

Recruiters in the hotel, restaurant and hospitality sector know that in addition to their professional skills in hotel management and management, hotel school graduates have acquired during their studies essential values of humility, self-confidence, leadership, service, attention to detail, team spirit and respect.

As a graduate of the Hotel Management School Geneva, the diploma provides:

  • The authorization to operate an establishment throughout Switzerland.
  • The title of « maître d’apprentissage ».

Career opportunities in the hotel, restaurant and related industries

  • Hotels and restaurants :
    • Assistants and department heads (accommodation, catering, human resources, finance, sales & marketing)
    • Members of the management (head of department, general manager)
  • Related activities :
    • Responsible for catering and/or accommodation
    • Hospital, community, transportation, para-hospitality, retirement home.
  • Professions in the service industry
    • In tourist offices, tour operators, travel agencies.
    • Computer companies (hotel and catering software),…
Ecole de management en Hotelerie - l'Ecole Hôtelière de Genève

A Swiss Hospitality Management School | Information

Véronique HuberVeronique Huber - Ecole Hôteliere de Geneve
Office Manager
Ecole Hôtelière de Genève
Avenue de la Paix 12 – CH 1202 Geneva
Tél : +41 22 919 24 24

Learn Hospitality Management in Switzerland

Higher education institutions that prepare students for careers in the hotel and restaurant industry have benefited in recent years from an aura that some world-renowned business schools do not have.

An international hospitality school on the of lake Geneva

The Hotel Management School is multiplying its initiatives to offer its students opportunities for internships, business projects and experiences abroad, thus making them the managers of tomorrow. Of course, it is possible to pursue higher education in the hotel and restaurant industry at vocational high schools, but what baccalaureate graduates and students are looking for in these institutions as part of their career plans is excellence.

Please find below the list of fees for our school.

First of all, you can judge a hotel school by its recognition. Some schools such as the École Hôtelière Genève have acquired a reputation in France and internationally over the years. However, there are more and more excellent training programs in the hotel industry. The national and international rankings will give you an idea of which schools are on the rise and to which you can turn if you want to make a career in this sector.

As every year, Switzerland is the country with the most representatives in the top 50 best hotel management schools

When you choose an hotel management school it means an unlimited career opportunities: by studying hospitality management, you are preparing yourself for a variety of excellent career opportunities with chances for advancement.

As this sector is extremely diverse and extensive, your job search will not be limited. Whether you want to run a hotel, create a luxury resort, or manage an exotic getaway, the choice is yours!

Explore the world: working in this sector offers you many opportunities to discover new places around the world. It could be working in a boutique hotel in Paris, managing a resort in the Seychelles or even running a hotel in Switzerland.
Be part of a growing industry: the hospitality industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries worldwide.

Why studying hospitality management switzerland is definitely the perfect choice.

Nowadays the economy comes back to life, travel, tourism, and hospitality industries stand to benefit from increased business activity and consumer spending.

If we’re talking about the benefits of career choice, then a career in tourism and hospitality is definitely worthy.

Hotels, airlines, attractions, cruises, events, tourist services and many other exciting choices lie ahead of you if you want to immerse in an industry the future.

At Hotel Management School Geneva, every student have an internship every six months to get a professional training in hotel, it’s part of their cursus.

Our hospitality degree programs are adapted to succeed together

Acquiring the totality of the knowledge of our courses implies a real contract of trust between the teaching teams and the students. Be aware that from the first day of your integration into the hotel management school, we consider you as future professionals motivated by the desire to succeed


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