How to Enroll at Hotel School in Switzerland - Hotel Management School of Geneva

Recognized as one of the best swiss hospitality school

The Swiss hotel training is recognized as one of the best in the world.

The Hotel Management School Geneva uses the links it has forged with the hotel and tourism industry to offer concrete programmes adapted to the industry and best representing the realities of the profession.

Train to be a Revenue Manager in a Luxury Hotel or a Resort at Hotel Management School Geneva

Train in the Job of Revenue Manager

Revenue Manager, he holds a key decision-making position in a hotel
It is THE hotel business of the moment. All hotel chains and large establishments have their yield managers, more commonly known as revenue managers. In real pro of the figure you juggle with the reservations and room prices to improve the profitability of the hotel.

You may prefer to rent five rooms at full rate rather than ten at reduced rate. To guide you, you take a close look at the competition and follow the reservation tables on a daily basis.

Train for the job of Hotel Housekeeper in luxury hotel or Resort at Hotel Management School of Geneva Switzerland

Train for the job of Hotel Housekeeper

Housekeeper, you are the guardian of the comfort of the customers
Dust on a piece of furniture, a burnt-out bulb…, nothing escapes your expert eye as a hotel housekeeper.
As the “Super Mistress of the House” essential in “luxury” establishments, you rule with kindness, but firmness on the floors dedicated to the rooms.

You ensure the comfort and well-being of the hotel’s guests. You are responsible not only for the cleanliness of the rooms, but also for their comfort and harmony. As such, you do not hesitate to arrange flowers in a vase, replace a pillow, correct the folds of a curtain…

Train to be a Front Office Manager in a Luxury Hotel or a Resort at Hotel Management School Geneva

Train for the job of Front Office Manager

Front Office Manager, a key position in a hotel.

The Front Office Manager is responsible for managing and organizing the reception service, welcoming the client, training his staff and performing a number of administrative and commercial tasks. All this must be done, as always, with the aim of maximizing sales while ensuring optimal comfort for its guests. This profession is for both men and women.

The Front Office Manager is responsible for the hotel’s Reception department, which takes care of guests upon their arrival. He facilitates the progress of their stay, ensures the requests for various services, and collects payments from clients.


Obtain a Diploma in Hospitality Management in Switzerland

This training, given in the heart of the city of Calvin, develops, in direct synergy with the hotel world, the management skills of students wishing to invest in the hotel business at a high level.

For 3 years, students approach all aspects of hotel management by developing their management skills, sense of responsibility and initiative.