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Head concierge in a Luxury hotel

The Head Concierge, the soul of a great hotel

Regardless of the category of the hotel where they stay, the guest will need all kinds of information upon arrival and during their stay. Information on how his stay will unfold in the hotel and resolution of his daily problems, he will need advice on how to organize his stay, leisure and travel.

Tourists at the hotel, especially foreigners, are out of touch in an unknown city. The hotel must therefore provide them with an organized service capable of providing them with the desired services and information.

This department is the concierge also called the lodge where the head of this department is the head concierge. The lodge is the place in the hotel where the guest will find an answer or information on any question.

In luxury hotels, concierge services are still “a must” and there will often still be a chief concierge assisted by one or more people (concierges) who themselves will have to lead a brigade of hunters, baggage handlers, valet drivers, drivers and porters.

This service is an essential service on the one hand because of the many tasks assigned to it but also because of the specificity, even complexity, of these tasks.

The concierge is a bit the soul of the great hotels. It is a difficult and demanding job, but it is humanly exciting. He is the first person you meet when you walk through the door of a luxury hotel. It is often said that the reception of the caretaker reflects the image of the establishment.

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Se former au métier de Chef Concierge à l'Ecole Hôteliere de Genève en Suisse

The different missions of a Head Concierge in a luxury hotel

  • You ensure the reception of the customers, you inform them about the conditions of their stay.
  • You are in charge of the reception and transport of luggage.
  • Your main mission is to be informed of everything and to make the customer’s stay as pleasant as possible (or even to make them live a unique experience).
  • You ensure that a person is always present at the hotel entrance to greet guests.
  • Supervise the team of valets/baggage handlers.
  • You are in charge of receiving and transmitting messages.

To this we can add that as a concierge chef you must know your clients’ tastes and habits in order to anticipate their requests and provide a highly personalized service.

The qualities of a Head Concierge in a luxury hotel

In addition to being versatile, you must have certain assets to carry out all your missions:

  • Be discreet and have an innate sense of service.
  • Have a very good memory, especially visual.
  • Master several foreign languages.
  • Have a sense of initiative.
  • Have a good general knowledge.
  • A concern for perfection and detail.
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