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How to become a Hotel Manager

Hotel Manager, be both conductor and ambassadeur of his establishment

As a hotel manager you are a wise business manager. The good health of your establishment depends on your qualities as a manager, strategist, salesman…

Your objective is twofold: to ensure that your guests are satisfied and that your hotel prospers. You are the driving force behind the establishment: you are the one who centralizes information and coordinates the various services.

As both conductor and ambassador of your establishment, you are at the head of a specialized team: receptionist, Room Division Manager, Housekeeper, Income Auditor, concierge, chef de cuisine… With an obsession that you transmit to your employees: to provide services above all criticism. The notoriety of the hotel, patiently built and very quickly demolished, is at stake!

As a good manager, you are responsible for operating costs, setting objectives, monitoring turnover and budgeting investments and you are also concerned about another concern: the profitability of your hotel. This requires efficient management (including of your staff) and sustained commercial activity to build customer loyalty and development.

Very attentive, this true entrepreneur is the guarantor of the hotel’s brand image. Always available, endowed with a phenomenal work capacity, he is a versatile professional. Autonomous, organized, he knows how to show authority and tact. Gifted in interpersonal skills, he has a solid knowledge of management and marketing. He is fluent in English and preferably speaks a second language. Dynamic, the hotel General Manager finally knows how to motivate his teams.

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The different missions of a hotel manager 

  • Ensure that the standards predefined by the hotel are respected.
  • Respond to customer needs.
  • Monitor, directly or by delegation, the progress of the clients’ stay.
  • Continuously adapt the service offer to customer developments.
  • Analyze the market and local competition.
  • Monitor and evaluate the quality of the service provided.
  • Develop or implement a trade policy.
  • Maintain productive internal and external business relationships.
  • Coordinate the work of all hotel teams.
  • Assess and recruit the skills required for service quality.
  • Supervise all hotel activities, either directly or by delegation.
  • Maintain good business relations with customers.
  • Monitor and evaluate the profitability of the establishment.
  • Develop and use dashboards to monitor the activity.
  • Evaluate the material and immaterial resources necessary for the smooth running of an establishment….

The qualities of a Hotel Manager

In addition to being versatile, you must have certain assets to carry out all your missions: :

  • Leadership.
  • Ability to delegate, listen and negotiate.
  • Commercial and interpersonal skills.
  • Rigour, organization.
  • Initiative and ability to decide.
  • Fluency in several foreign languages including English.
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