Formation a l'accueil dans les services hospitalier

To study a reception training course in hospital service in Geneva

Take advantage of the experience of our teachers to follow a professional training in Geneva.

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To study a reception training course in hospital

Welcoming a patient to the hospital is an important step in the smooth running of the care. Welcoming is the first step in the relationship, it is essential to take the measure of the importance of this moment. It is in the first 5 minutes that a climate of sympathy or antipathy, good or bad opinion is established.

It is therefore essential to put the patient at ease as soon as he or she arrives in order to facilitate the smooth running of the hospitalisation. An expert in its field for more than 100 years, the Hotel Management School of Geneva is a management school specialising in hotels, restaurants and sommellerie. The hospitality school offers professional training and continuing education programmes under one roof.

In order to ensure that its training programmes meet the needs of employers and reflect the reality of the job market, the Ecole Hôtelière works closely with the hospitality industry and the organisations that represent it.

Its curricula are enriched to meet government requirements and are aligned with international quality standards. As a result, its graduates have acquired high-level skills that enable them to work in any type of institution, in Switzerland and elsewhere in the world.

Its study programmes are enriched in line with government requirements and international quality standards.

Before defining a welcome procedure, it is necessary to ask questions about the person being welcomed and to identify his or her needs and expectations. Welcoming is a
reflective professional behaviour as a team; it is also an individual act towards an individual. The individual is waiting to be considered.

Each person has specific needs and procedures must be adapted to them. Reception is to be understood as an act of care in its own right, which is part of everyone’s role. Even if the carer can acquire behaviours to improve the quality of the reception, only a professional desire to humanise and personalise the reception of the patient and his family counts to really succeed in this moment.

study a reception training course in hospital - SUIVRE UN FORMATION D’ACCUEIL EN SERVICE HOSPITALIER À GENÈVE


The growing demand from patients/clients for a complete quality service in the hospital world, both in terms of care and services, has led us to develop this training unit.

If you wish to strengthen your personal skills or those of your employees within your hospital establishment, we provide you with training adapted to the new needs of the profession.

This training is aimed at adults with professional experience in personal care in a hospital environment (nursing assistant, hospital assistant or similar).

A minimum of two years of experience in this field is required to take this training.

To study a reception training course in hospital in Geneva

Véronique Huber
Office Manager
Hotel Management School Geneva
Avenue de la Paix 12 – CH 1202 Geneva
Tel : +41 22 919 24 24


For its professional expertise and logistical support, our training aims to transmit the following skills:

  • Organize work according to the demands and expectations of clients/patients
  • Preventing undernutrition and respecting hospital hygiene rules
  • Optimize the quality of the patient service environment
  • Anticipate and customize customer requests in the restaurant industry


The training is organized in a modular form and includes the following elements:

Module 1: Project Management
Module 2: Nutrition
Module 3: Hospital in-room catering
Module 4: Hospital hygiene
Module 5: Reception and communication


Certificate of continuing education in catering and hospital service, recognised by the Department of Public Education of the Canton of Geneva.


Maximum 14 people per session.

Duration of the courses

10 days of theoretical courses and 4 days of practical courses for a total of 124 periods.

2 days per month + 4 days of practice in the kitchen and nutrition department.

Spring session

Classes from April to October from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Examen en novembre.

In partnership with

hopital de la tour - Formation Service en milieu hospitalier ecole hoteliere geneve


CHF 3’850 for the entire course, including examination fees.
Possibility of obtaining an annual training cheque (CAF) worth CHF 750.
Conditions of attribution and steps to follow



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