In our Swiss Hotel Management School our Hospitality Degree Program provide you a choice between 2 & 3 years cursus.

Hospitality degree program at Hotel Management School

An hospitality degree program for a training in hotel and catering

If you want to become a professional in the Hotel and Gastronomy sectors, the hospitality degree program and training at the Hotel Management School Geneva are made for you.

The vocation of our hospitality management school is to do everything possible to make our students high level professionals.

At the end of their studies, they are ready to take on positions of responsibility in the hotel, restaurant and service industry sectors.

This is why we design and deliver a dense and constantly adapted teaching to the ever more demanding requirements of these professions.

obtain Obtain a bachelor degree Geneva Bachelor a Genève avec les HEG Logo Cursus Bachelor Ecole Hôtelière de Genève en partenariat avec l'HEG Hospitality Degree program or Hotel Diploma program at Hotel Management School Geneva in Switzerland
Hotel Diploma program at Hotel Management School Geneva EHG Traiteur - Faites appel à un Chef de Cuisine à domicile à Genève - Call on a Chef at Home in Geneva

2 hotel diploma programs in the service of excellence

With our hospitality diploma program you have the choice between 2 and 3 years, depending on whether you are already a professional in the sector or a future professional who discovers the profession and wants to put all the chances on his side.

In both cases, you will have to invest yourself on a daily basis to succeed in your studies and obtain your diploma.

The density of content and the sustained pace of training require a permanent presence and commitment, as well as an extraordinary motivation to achieve Excellence in the service of a profession!

Recently created and inspired by the Anglo-Saxon university model, the Bachelor degree is offered by many business schools. Thanks to the implementation of a five-week study bridge with the Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève (HEG), you will integrate the 3rd year into a 4-year programme. The training can be done over two years full-time or in employment between 50%-80%.

A unique hospitality degree program pedagogical concept

The content of the hospitality school modules is the result of constant work to adapt them to the requirements of the sector. Our teaching is progressive and focuses on the acquisition of balanced theoretical and practical knowledge. It includes all the skills you will need to master in the career of your choice.

Validated by internships in real conditions, the course modules follow one another and provide you with a detailed theoretical background, enriched by 12 to 30 months of practical experience.

An hospitality degree program adapted to succeed together

Acquiring the totality of the knowledge of our courses implies a real contract of trust between the teaching teams and the students. Be aware that from the first day of your integration into the hotel management school, we consider you as future professionals motivated by the desire to succeed.

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Hospitality degree program | information

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The advantages of studying in an hotel management school

Hospitality Management is one of the courses that are in high demand all across Switzerland. This industry is really huge and holds a wide range of job opportunities for your budding career.

Many Hospitality Management programs offer a variety  that offer a strong blend of business courses including accounting, economics, marketing, administration and human ressource management along with ingenious soft skills and core communicative skills.

All of these degrees can help you get started on the number of career opportunities that your Hospitality Management degree will take you to.

A degree in Hospitality Management will open your doors to an exciting career with tremendous opportunities in numerous areas along with a very promising salary range.

A major share of every country’s income comes from its tourism department and as long as tourism keeps expanding, there develops a need for hospitality centres and graduates and predictions say that hospitality employers will be offering more high skilled openings, increase starting salaries, offer clear career development opportunities at hiring and implement new strategies to entice and retain hospitality managers over the coming years.

So if you possess strong communication skills, a colourful personality, a creative mind and a desire to provide excellent service to others this fast-paced industry may be for you.

Nowadays the economy comes back to life, travel, tourism, and hospitality industries stand to benefit from increased business activity and consumer spending.

If we’re talking about the benefits of career choice, then a career in tourism and hospitality is definitely worthy.

Hotels, airlines, attractions,  cruises, events, tourist services and many other exciting choices lie ahead of you if you want to immerse in an industry the future.

At Hotel Management School Geneva, every student have an internship every six months to get a professional training in hotel, it’s part of their cursus.

Here are some of the benefits of working in the hospitality industry

  • No day is the same
  • The flexible schedule
  • You can work locally or internationally
  • The opportunities are endless
  • You become part of a legacy

Students enrolled at the Hotel Management School of Geneva follow a number of courses focusing on various sectors of activity. From Wine and Beverage Pairing to Sales and Convention Management through to Human Resources, Marketing and Finance….,
Each of these courses exposes students to various aspects of the industry that will be useful to them in their future careers in hospitality management.

We have outlined some of the employment opportunities that our hospitality management graduates can pursue

  • Guest relations
  • Food and Beverages
  • Event planning
  • Sales and marketing
  • Administration
  • And many more…

Keep in mind that the job opportunities listed are not the only hospitality related occupations you can pursue, as they are constantly evolving and progress is based on current trends, outlook and more. Some of them are listed below

Jobs in the accommodation sector and visitor relations
Customer relations is a customer service-oriented sector for those who enjoy interacting and working with people. These careers can be found in many different sectors, although they are mainly found in hotel management.

Front office manager
Front office managers may have many day-to-day duties, including supervising employees, maintaining customer accounts, coordinating hotel sales, etc.

Housekeeping managers
Housekeeping managers are often found in hotels. They are responsible for ensuring the cleanliness and appearance of the hotel, controlling labour costs and ensuring supply, among other related responsibilities.

Jobs in the hotel and restaurant sector
The food and beverage industry is divided into two main segments: production and distribution of edible products. As far as the hotel business is concerned, the food and drink trades are to be found in places such as restaurants, breweries, event centres, etc.

Restaurant manager
To ensure the smooth operation of the restaurant, restaurant managers may be hired to oversee various types of restaurants, from local restaurants to upscale restaurants and fine dining establishments specializing in international cuisine.

Catering Assistant
A Catering Assistant may work directly for a catering company, in a restaurant or hotel to arrange reservations, supervise production, etc.

Sommeliers may be employed in high-end hotels or restaurants as fine wine experts. They can recommend food and wine pairings, help chefs create up-to-date wine lists for their establishments or promote wine events.

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