Enter into the world of hotels & restaurants at Hotel Management School Geneva. Get a degree in hospitality management in swiss hotel school

A degree in hospitality management in one of the best european hotel management school

Be a graduate of a swiss hospitality management school, your passport for success


For your degree in hotel management, the Hotel Management School of Geneva offers a complete course that covers theory and practice (internships) in industry, finance, management and communication as well as catering, beverage and accommodation operations.

Undertaking a diploma course is an opportunity to embark on a study programme to obtain a three-year diploma in hotel management (generalist course). Whether you are a graduate of a school, already working in the hotel industry or want to change careers, this course will help you develop your skills and improve your career prospects in a dynamic and global sector.

EHG ranked in the top european hospitality management school

Hotel Management School Geneva is ranked 6th out of 180 in the latest ranking made by the renowned CEOWORLD Magazine of the best hotel schools in Europe for the year 2019.

EHG’s hotel management programs are QQQ, ASEH and Eduqua accredited, placing us among the elite group of leading hotel schools in Switzerland. These accreditations represent the highest level of achievement of hotel schools in Switzerland.

With a diploma in hospitality management, career opportunities are very large

Our graduates are qualified for first-level supervisory positions in the hotel, leisure, tourism and hotel sectors, including:

Human Resources Management
Food and Beverage operation
Sales and marketing

You could even hold different positions as you go along in your career, which is very valuable for anyone who wants to become a front office manager, housekeeper, general manager or even open their own hotel..

Perspective de Carrieres dans l'hôtellerie restauration a l ecole hoteliere de geneve, ecole de management en hotellerie

Get a degree in hotel management | informations

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Catering and hospitality are an excellent starting point for every young person. It teaches them about customer service, which is the basis for almost every role they will play. Having strong customer service skills will accompany them throughout their lives; it can open up many more opportunities and make them more balanced individuals.

With a diploma in hotel management, discover the world

A career in hotel management can help you discover the world and many different cultures. You will make professional contacts and new friends wherever you go. A career in the hotel industry is an exciting and character-building career, each experience increases your ability to adapt and communicate.

It is in demand and stable.
The demand for jobs in hotels and restaurants will never run out as long as there are people and food. That’s what makes the hospitality industry one of the most stable sectors today. It is also what makes the hospitality industry one of the most ideal providers of strong, sustainable careers.

The potential of the hospitality industry as a career is undeniable. Offering more than just financial benefits, the sector is an ideal choice if the goal is stability and growth.

This qualification reflects the role of highly skilled managers who use a wide range of hospitality skills combined with managerial skills and a solid knowledge of the industry to coordinate hospitality operations. They operate independently, are accountable to others and make a range of operational decisions.

This qualification allows you to work in any sector of the hospitality industry as a department manager or small business manager. The diversity of employers includes restaurants, hotels, motels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafes and coffee shops….

This qualification provides a multi-skilled, multi-skilled job with specialization in accommodation services, cooking, human ressources, marketing, food service and gaming.

With a degree in hotel management, possibles job titles are

  • Banquet or function manager
  • Bar manager
  • Café manager
  • Club director
  • Executive housekeeper
  • Front office manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Food and beverage manager
  • and many more…

Teamwork makes your dreams come true.
The hotel and restaurant industry teaches the importance of teamwork. Few bars and restaurants have teams consisting of only one person. So you need to learn how to work with others and understand the importance of teamwork and conflict resolution.
In the hospitality industry, you are in contact with people from all walks of life. This opens your mind to other cultures and ideas and teaches you the values of tolerance and respect.

You are not stuck in a role all day long.
The hotel business offers a constantly changing job. It’s a dynamic environment where you perform a large number of tasks every day. You stand and move around a lot, which helps you to think, feel and react better.
There are many different jobs in the hotel industry. Receptionists, waiters and baristas often come to mind when talking about a career in the hotel and catering industry. In fact, the hospitality industry is one of the largest sectors in the modern world, with enough variety of jobs for all types of people, from creative people to entrepreneurs.

See the world.
Many young people take time off after high school to travel and see the world. Hotels are the best way to finance such trips. You can find a job anywhere in the world. The more qualified you are, the more experience you have, the easier it will be to find a great job in the hotel and restaurant industry that will take you to your next destination.

Student trainees who have taken our hospitality courses have told us about the amazing places where their hospitality skills have taken them. When you start your first job in a café, take-away shop or family restaurant, you don’t realise the possibilities. You can’t imagine all the job opportunities that are available to you once you have a base in the hospitality sector.

Hotels and restaurants offer great flexibility.
Many people manage jobs in the hotel and restaurant sector according to their education, both at school and at university. It’s also a great way to fill the gap that exists when you don’t know what you want to do for your career.
Many young people currently in the labour market take the time to find a job once they are qualified. The hotel and restaurant sector can fill these interim periods in your life and provide you with income and purpose.

The hotel course programs will give you the tools you need to answer the call of the dynamic, international hotel, resort and restaurant industry – rewarding you with career opportunities in any destination in the world.

The Swiss hotel industry is recognised worldwide and its standards have become global benchmarks to which many successful organisations aspire. The hotel management courses at the Hotel Management School Geneva are based on these standards and on a deep connection with multinational hotel, catering and leisure organisations. As such, this “ES” graduate certificate programme offers a variety of integrated academic and experiential learning opportunities.

Whether you come with experience in another sector or use it for your professional development in the hospitality industry, your decision to follow the Geneva School of Hotel Management programme will allow you to establish meaningful links with carefully selected faculty members in the sector and expand your network.

With our hospitality diploma program you have the choice between 2 and 3 years, depending on whether you are already a professional in the sector or a future professional who discovers the profession and wants to put all the chances on his side.

In both cases, you will have to invest yourself on a daily basis to succeed in your studies and obtain your diploma.


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