The Hotel Management School Geneva is ranked among the Best Swiss Hotel School. A Swiss Hospitality Management School Cursus provides

Recognized as one of the best swiss hospitality school

Study in one of the best swiss hospitality school

Recognized as one of the best swiss hospitality school - How to Enroll at Hotel School in Switzerland - Hotel Management School of Geneva

Make your dream come true, continue your studies in one of the best swiss hotel school

The advantages of choosing one of the best swiss hospitality school to pursue your studies


The Swiss hotel training is recognized as one of the best in the world.

The Hotel Management School Geneva uses the links it has forged with the hotel and tourism industry to offer concrete programmes adapted to the industry and best representing the realities of the profession.

The “ES” Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Hospitality Management is intended for people who wish to initiate a career orientation or reorientation within the hotel industry as well as those already working in the field and who wish to progress.

This internationally recognized diploma has 3 components:

  • Certification of practical and theoretical management training
  • Patent to open your establishment
  • Authorization to hire and train apprentices

The Hotel Management School Geneva is recognized as one of the best hotel school in Switzerland and is ranked in the top 10 in Europe.

A swiss hospitality school to train the managers of tomorrow

This program opens the doors to a myriad of professions. It is ideal for people who prefer human contact and want to work in Switzerland or abroad.

It allows students to acquire various skills in hotel accommodation management.

The program also offers practical experiences including:

  • Classes of service in the dining room (at the restaurant Vieux Bois )
  • Cooking lessons at the restaurant Vieux-Bois
  • Welcome and stewardship courses at our partner hotel (Ramada Encore Geneva)
  • Internship  in the best hotels and restaurants in Switzerland and abroad
    As well as participation in several events.
  • Students have opportunities to interact with professionals during visits, conferences and events.
Internship Dates from an hotel school in switzerland - Hotel Management School of Geneva - Open day hotel management school

A swiss hospitality school with a unique educational concept

Thanks to a common core curriculum, hotel management program opens the door to a career in the Lake Geneva region, in Switzerland or abroad.

Our teaching is progressive and focuses on the acquisition of balanced theoretical and practical knowledge.
It includes all the skills you will need to master in the career of your choice.

This school curriculum focuses on essential knowledge in the hotel and restaurant industry. Coming from industry, teachers provide all the keys to success in entering the labour market. It’s one of the reasons we are recognized as one of the best swiss hotel school

Validated by internships in real conditions, the course modules follow one another and provide you with a detailed theoretical background, enriched by 12 to 18 months of practical experience.

The opportunities are wide with a degree in hotel management in switzerland

At the end of their studies, “ES” graduates in hotel management work in many fields, in Switzerland or abroad.

They can be recruited from the various departments of the hotel (marketing, F&B, sales, etc.), or they can be oriented towards the tertiary sectors (banking, watchmaking, events) of tourism, leisure, accommodation or catering.

They will also find opportunities in the tertiary sector, where services and human contacts are a priority.

Réserver votre table sur la terrasse du restaurant vieux bois a Genève
Perspective de Carrieres dans l'hôtellerie restauration a l ecole hoteliere de geneve, ecole de management en hotellerie

It is delivered in the form of dynamic instruction based on simulations, case studies, simulations and workplace experiments.
The program will allow students to learn the customer approach, accommodation management, personnel, service or institutional management.

The objective of our programs is to acquire hotel management skills, and to deepen organizational knowledge of planning and supervision, for people who already belong to the community and who wish to progress in their work environment.

One of the best swiss hotel school with an international recognition

The expertise acquired will allow you to practice your profession worldwide. Other landscapes, new faces and a career choice without borders await you.

Do not hesitate any more! Meet one of our advisors today for more information!

Recognized as one of the best swiss hospitality school | Information

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Office Manager
Hotel Management School Geneva
Avenue de la Paix 12 – CH 1202 Genève
Tel : +41 22 919 24 24

If you are interested in hospitality management and can see yourself on the front line of a hotel, restaurant or resort, here’s what you need to know before starting a cursus in a swiss hotel school.

Hotel management is one of the fastest growing industries in Switzerland. The hotel and restaurant management programmes at the Hotel Management School Geneva, one of the best european hospitality management school, are an excellent choice for those with the business savvy and professional dynamism needed to keep an establishment at the top of the industry.

Hotel Management School Geneva Hospitality Programs will give you a comprehensive overview of the hotel industry, restaurants and resorts, from room service to housekeeping to sanitation and kitchen production techniques. This will give you a good grasp of the day-to-day operations of a hotel or restaurant.

You will also receive in-depth business training with courses on statistics, communications and cost control. These courses, along with the latest restaurant and hotel management software, will provide you with targeted skills to stay on top of financial and business practices and supervise an establishment.

Most host programmes offer in-company training and field placements to give students practical experience in their chosen field.

There are a number of career opportunities in hospitality management. Depending on your area of interest, possible positions may include (but are not limited to)

  • Assistant restaurant manager or Front Office Manager
  • Hotel, restaurant or catering Manager
  • Reception staff
  • Revenue Manager
  • Housekeeper
  • Sales Manager…

Starting salaries in switzerland in the hospitality industry (whether a hotel, restaurant or resort) can be as high as CHF. 4’195.- per year month for a graduate from a swiss hotel management school. However, as you gain experience and move up the ladder to manager or supervisor, you could see salaries between CHF 5’000.- and CHF 7’000.

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